DJMS Prediction & Opinions of 2021

Covid-19, schools shutting down, travel stopping, peaceful and violent protests all happened in 2020. It’s 2021 now, a new year and new opportunities for everyone. 

Seventh-grade Texas History teacher Kellie Williams said that she believes 2021 holds new opportunities and hope.

“2021 holds a lot of promise,” Kellie Williams said. “I am very hopeful.”

Due to the election of Joe Biden, angry supporters of Donald Trump have been rioting.

 Seventh-grader Christopher Yon believes the riot on Jan. 6 was a terrible thing. Rioters and former President Trump should be punished, he said.

“The rioters should be given a long jail sentence and pay for the things destroyed and taken in the riot as a fine,” Yon said.

The Capitol Hill riot is looked down upon around the world. 

Seventh-grader Ella Beason thinks that it was scary and embarrassing as a country. 

“I didn’t think there were people stupid enough to do something like this,” Beason said.

2021 will bring change to the whole world.

Language Arts teacher Tinesha Ladson thinks that 2021 will be a good year for people to come together and help each other.

The year will be better because people are getting used to and better with social distancing and wearing masks,” Tinesha Ladson said. “I don’t know if I have an opinion on the year yet, I just hope the year will turn out better.”