Gnats Annoy Students on Campus

Danny Jones students have been seeing a lot of gnats over the last few weeks from possibly leftover food.

Gnats have been bothering people and getting in the way of things.

Eighth-grader Avery De Carion says they are annoying and distracting.

“They fly everywhere and they even fly in your mask. It keeps happening and I’m getting tired of it,” she said.

Gnats like rotting fruits so may this be the cause of them.

Seventh-grader Lauryn Taylor said she thinks gnats are everywhere and students can’t get away from them.

“I do think there is a problem with gnats because they are everywhere and we deserve to have an exterminator to come and kill them,” she said.

Some gnats had found old food in the staff refrigerator in the teacher’s lounge, then started to multiply and spread around the school.

Counselor Tonya Willis says that pest control came to check the campus, and that the refrigerator was cleaned and emptied by the custodians.

“Students should let teachers know when and where they see them so we can keep track of them,” she said. “If they have lost their lunch box make sure they look for it, especially if they have old food in it, because gnats will get to it. I have noticed that they have died down more since we did the extra cleaning and pest control came,” she said.

Another possible cause for the gnats is students opening doors during mask breaks.

Eighth-grader Jace Bradford said he started seeing them when he came to school for the spring semester.

“I think that teachers and students should start closing doors and not leaving them open so much and there won’t be gnats in the school,” he said.