Students Swap iPads For New Chromebooks

During the second semester of school, many Danny Jones Middle School students were given Chromebooks instead of iPads. Students have mixed opinions on them.

Many teachers believe that the Chromebooks are a lot better than the iPads that the school previously gave out.

Seventh-grade Science teacher Sean Litcher said the Chromebooks are much faster and are more efficient for school work.

“They’re much better than the iPads. I think they allow the students to do a lot more and it’s easier to get work turned in,” he said.

Seventh-grade English teacher Allison Mata said students use their Chromebooks everyday at school.

“Most students handle them well,” she said.

The Chromebooks are bigger than the previously used iPads. Taking pictures with them for Canvas can be hard, which limits the ability to do assignments for school.

Grace Ezerora said that her Chromebook is hard to fit in her backpack and would be much better if she could take proper photos to turn things in on Canvas.

“Although there are some setbacks to the Chromebooks, they are still a lot better than the other stuff they’ve given out,” she said.

The Chromebooks have a lot of restrictions. For example, students can’t watch Youtube videos, go to certain websites, or even search Google with specific terms.

Seventh-grader Devyn Brenes said he hates the restrictions on the Chromebooks and finds them annoying to do assignments with.

“I can’t do anything on them, they’re practically useless for downloading apps that I need for school,” he said.