Keeping Up One Last Time


Erika Solis

The series finale for Keeping Up With The Kardashians marks the end of an era for pop culture.

Every pop culture fan knows that the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder. The momager has built a dynasty out of her family and now it’s coming to an end. Reality TV’s favorite family is saying goodbye after fourteen years, over two hundred fifty episodes, and dozens of spinoffs. The series, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, first premiered in 2007, followed the famous family and the ins and outs of their personal and professional lives. Including romances, divorces, babies, to Caitlin Jenner’s transition and more.

Following the announcement, E! Network released a statement saying how the channel was grateful to have followed the Kardashian family for many years and are grateful for all the moments shared with the reality TV stars. The statement went on to say how respectful they are of the family’s decision to make their exit.

“E! has been the home and extended family to the Kardashian-Jenners for what will be 14 years, featuring the lives of this empowering family. Along with all of you, we have enjoyed following the intimate moments the family so bravely shared by letting us into their daily lives. While it has been an absolute privilege and we will miss them wholeheartedly, we respect the family’s decision to live their lives without our cameras,” E! stated.

Back in January the Kardashian’s released a teaser trailer of what fans are going to expect for the final season. This includes the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, and their mother Kris, telling a group of emotional film crew they won’t be continuing on with the show. Junior, Ishi Jacinto, said she expected the show to be over a long time ago and feels as if the family shaped how society sees each other.

“I think it should’ve been over a long time because they’ve done so many things that really shaped the way society sees each other. Some are good, but there are more bad than there are good,” said Jacinto.

Since the Kardashian family are so popular, many have gotten to know each family member over the past few years. Some people favor one sister over the other because of their personality and what they bring overall to the show. Junior, Jada Awuku, said her favorite sister is Kylie Jenner because of her best-selling skin care line called Kylie Skin and her three year old daughter, Stormi Webster.

“Kylie Jenner is my favorite Kardashian sister because I love her daughter Stormi and Kylie’s skin care line. The skin care is very good for your face and it is worth your money,” said Awuku.

Throughout the seasons and as the episodes went by, many of the Kardashian’s scandals and most shocking moments are caught on camera. This usually shows what the whole family thinks about the scandal or whatever jaw dropping moment occurred during the episode. Isabella Daniels, junior, said her favorite season is season nine because two major events happen in the season to the family. Episode ten of season six is her favorite episode because of Kim Kardashian losing her diamond earring while on vacation. 

“My favorite season is season nine because a lot of things happen, Kim and Kanye get married and Kris and Caitlin separate. Season six episode ten is my favorite episode because it’s when Kim loses her diamond earring in the ocean. It was very entertaining to watch,” said Daniels.

After all the memes and drama, the series finale brought an end to yet another era for pop culture. However, it is unlikely the Kardashian family will transition to a camera-free lifestyle in the near future. The family announced a few weeks before the first episode of the final season aired that they have signed a multi-year deal with streaming service Hulu to create more content for fans that will be released later on this year. The curtains may have closed on E! for the Kardashians but are sure to open again on Hulu in their brand new chapter together.