Students, Teachers Go Into Quarantine

Students and teachers at Danny Jones Middle School have been getting quarantined recently due to the spread of COVID-19.

Students have mixed emotions about the quarantine.

 Eighth-grader Cortez Reed enjoys getting to eat whatever he wants when he’s on quarantine.

“I love eating crackers and cheese during quarantine because they are healthy and can fill you up quick,” he said. 

When a student gets infected with COVID-19 the school nurses and the principal, Sharlonda Kennedy, have to go through a process to quarantine kids. 

Nurse Amber-Rae Woods says that after getting a phone call from the parents that the student is positive she looks up the student, prints their schedule, and goes to talk to Mrs. Kennedy.

 “After getting a phone call I print their schedule and talk with Mrs. Kennedy so she can go through seating charts to determine who was sitting around that student. She brings that list back to me and Ms. Bohlmann starts to call parents to quarantine the kids,” she said.

Teachers are limited in what they say about quarantined kids due to HIPPA.

Math teacher Moraa Mosomi was exposed, and, like students, had to stay home.

“I got quarantined before and I was at home” she said.

People go through the pros and cons of quarantine like how you get to sleep more often, but you also don’t get out much.

ISLE teacher Ralph Corvaglia said he felt like his quarantine experience was like most peoples. 

“People in quarantine can sometimes lose it when they are in the house twenty-four seven.” he said.