Amusing Anime

Anime has spread across Danny Jones. Many students share their love of anime with others and it continues to grow. These past years people have expanded their passion for anime while being stuck at home during the pandemic.

All anime fans started watching somehow, somewhere. 

Eighth-grader Santiago Rodriguez started watching anime when he was six years old.

“One day I saw a Naruto ad on Cartoon Network, then I decided to watch it,” he said. “Once I started watching, I eventually watched every day.” 

Anime can be a source of entertainment for everyone.

Eighth-grader Kobe Resse shares how anime is exciting and thrilling.

‘’I got into anime four months ago. I watched it one day and it was thrilling. After that day it got interesting and I couldn’t stop watching it,”  Reese said.

Anime is a loved entertainment for a vast audience.

Eighth-grader Ethan Tran said there are so many genres that anyone can be hooked and enjoy anime. He said that romance is his favorite. 

“With a broad variety of genres, there can almost surely be some concept that hooks anyone as a viewer,” he said, “Romance animes are my favorite, it fills a hole in my heart.” 

Anime has a different meaning and approach to everyone.

Eighth-grader Londyn Ross said that anime is a form of self-expression.  

“It has let me immerse into a world that I’ve thought I would never be in,” she said.

Kids love anime and start watching because of the action scenes, colorful graphics, and storytelling.

Eighth-grader Will Buckley said that he quickly got interested in anime by seeing his friend watching it.

“A friend of mine was watching a series so I thought I would check it out,” he said. “I really liked it and got into the story. The visuals are amazing.”