Students Finish Yearbook

Around the final week of school the Danny Jones Middle School yearbook will be published for students to purchase

Covid affected the making of yearbooks this year. Consequently, the yearbook class had a tough time throughout the process of creating the book.

Seventh-grader Avery Matthews said that taking group pictures isn’t possible because of Covid restrictions.

“It is very frustrating trying to make everything work but Covid is a real hindrance to making the yearbooks, especially making it on time,” she said.

They believe that it is a pretty difficult task to handle, however, it is also very fun.

Yearbook teacher Allen Baldwin said despite the fact that the deadlines are frustrating and time consuming, you get to know people and do a number of fun steps making the yearbook consisting of the theme/cover, designing pages, pictures, and captions.

“It is fun while everything is operating right and kids are doing their work, also getting to see how everything is made,” he said.

The yearbook is a fun experience. You get to learn the aspects of designing the yearbook with your friends.

Eighth-grader Carson Cottle said he likes working on the yearbook because of the friends involved.

“I enjoy doing this because I have a lot of friends in the yearbook that enjoy the same things that I do and we are able to make friends in the whole aspect of school in different subjects,” he said.

The yearbooks are set to a much higher standard than just putting pictures together. They have to be memorable.

Eight-grader Alexia Smith explains how she thinks the yearbooks are an amazing way for students to look back on and to share experiences especially due to the fact as a virtual student she couldn’t experience a whole lot.

“I think it is really important for students around here to share their experiences and to look back at the memories so that they don’t forget all of the good school can bring,” she said.