School Dress Code


The dress code has become a problem at school lately and some students believe it isn’t fair. Our dress code policy consists of no bandanas, no leggings if the shirt isn’t past fingertip length, no ripped jeans that are above the fingertips, and no crop top shirts. Girls around the school have complained about the dress code and find it unfair, while others think it is just a way of girls being too “picky” or “problematic.”

Any AP that sees a student out of dress code usually will let them off with a warning letting them know to not wear it again at school. If it happens again they will write them up and put it in skyward as they are being dress coded. Sophomore, Raine McBride, believes that the showing of skin shouldn’t be a concern to anyone, and if a part of a girl’s body is a thing that takes their focus away from things that actually need to be focused on then they shouldn’t be working here. 

“I just don’t understand how shoulders are distracting, and if you think that it draws attention to male teachers or male students they shouldn’t hire people who you think will look at young ladies like that,” said McBride.

Things that most people get dressed coded for are the showing of the skin or the images they have on their clothes. Not only do girls get dress coded, even some boys complain about the dress code at school and how they shouldn’t be getting dress coded for the things that they are wearing. Some shirts that may have smoke or guns on them may be dress-coded because of the policy. Junior, Malakai Jackson, feels there should be a change in the school dress code because of how demanding it is.

“I feel like the dress code is too strict and I don’t think that the AP’s should be this hard on what girls wear and what a shirt says or has on it. I bought the shirt for a reason and I would like to wear what I want without being chased down the hall for it,” said Jackson.

AP’s and administrators look out for people who aren’t in dress code or who are not wearing their IDs. But there are people who feel the dress code policy is fine the way it is and that it should just be left alone with no problems or hassles. A few students have posted that some girls are being too “extra” and need to accept the school district’s dress policy. This has caused conflict between students through social media and led to people starting petitions. Junior, Nina Simons, has noticed the school dress code petitions making the rounds on social media.

“I’m always on social media, I always see the trends that go around so when I saw the schools petition being sent to other students, me being one of them, I quickly thought it had to be about the dress code so when I opened up the link, the title was, ‘Change Lake Ridge’s school dress code,'” said Simons. 

Simons feels that it shouldn’t be that much of a big deal and that we are only in high school for 4 years of our life so students should be able to deal with the dress code for the time being at school.

“I understand where some girls may be coming from for dress code but I truly feel that it shouldn’t be as much of a concern. We are only in high school for 4 years of our life and we can live with just following the dress code till we leave and graduate.” 

Administration makes sure that the students aren’t showing too much skin and do it for the safety and awareness of the students. AP’s will usually let students off with a warning, but the more it continues to happen, the more it gives validity to the administration’s concerns.