Instagram for Kids


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Facebook has announced a new Instagram for Kids

Facebook has announced a new project: an Instagram for those under the age of 13, also known as “Instagram for Kids.” Facebook claims to have started this project in order to “address an important problem seen across our industry,” which is the fact that kids are getting phones younger and younger and are downloading apps that are meant for those over the age of 13.

Although according to Facebook, there are good intentions behind this app, many lawmakers, including Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Sen. Richards Blumenthal of Connecticut, have expressed their concerns. These concerns include the app’s safety features and the real intent behind creating the app. Sophomore, Emelie Sarpong, doesn’t fully agree with all of the backlash Instagram for Kids is receiving. 

“I mean it’s not appropriate for kids to have a regular Instagram app, but I feel like if they’re making an app we have to see what it’s like before we can judge it,” stated Sarpong. 

Facebook claims to have made this app in order to keep kids off of the main Instagram. Sophomore, Kyra Bryant believes that this might have been their main influence when it comes to creating Instagram for Kids. 

“I think kids getting onto social media illegally and lying about their age on the actual instagram, made them be like ‘okay we might as well make one for kids so that they don’t lie anymore.’ But this will not actually solve it, and they don’t care,” said Bryant.

As the app is still going through the development process, new safety issues continue to arise. Senior, Kami Chaddick, is worried that the app may not be safe for kids, even if there are strict and direct rules.

“I think a parent should have authorization over the account until they are of a certain age, and there should be strict moderation from the admin. I believe it will still not be safe for kids, and they will not have enough protection from hackers,” said Chaddick.

Even though Facebook claims that they are creating this app to help children, many parents including English teacher, Stephani Stephens, believe that it’s rather about the money.

“The main influence was definitely money. This app will bring more money to the company. I worked in marketing and advertising before I started teaching, so I’ve done this for companies. It’s all about money,” said Stephens.

Considering that social media has tends to be catered towards an older audience, the news of an app for children has been pretty shocking. Stephens believes that this app is unnecessary because no child should be on social media.

“I think kids should not be allowed on social media when they turn 18. This is because of the bullying and how it’s not like real life and people comparing themselves. Also just the stupidity of all the stuff out there, like the challenges,” said Stephens.

Sophomore, Carolina Wong, also believes that social media hurts kid’s body image a lot more than they realize. 

“It promotes severe body issues, but also it can provide a safe place for people who aren’t like others. It also has a lot of negatives because kids see a lot of people on social media, that they want to be like, and when they can’t, that can affect their mental health,” Wong.

Although the announcement of this app has created a storm throughout social media, Bryant still believes that this app will not have any popularity among kids.

“I feel like kids will only go on it, if their parents force them to. But I don’t think on their free will they’ll go on it over regular instagram. Just look at how we were with ‘Musically’ just a few years ago. We weren’t supposed to be there, but a lot of us were, at like 10 years old,” said Bryant.

Even though Instagram for Kids has faced a great deal of backlash, there is still hope that it will be a safe and decent space for younger children to express themselves.