Students Get Messy at Color Battle


Avery Matthews

Andris Conley throws her color powder at Mani Martin Sept 23 on the Danny Jones football field. Students who raised enough money for the Danny Jones fundraiser got to leave their 7th and 8th period clases to participate in the Color Battle, where they played games and threw packs of colored powder at each other.

The Color Battle fundraiser that took place at Danny Jones Middle School during the weeks of Sept. 13 and Sept. 20. The purpose was to raise money for the school.

Students earned prizes for contributing to the fundraiser.

Eighth-grader Abdallah Dorsett went to The Color Battle event and said it was fun.

”It was especially fun when you got hit,” he said.

The Color Battle was held at the football field inside the track.

Abdallah said he went to the Color Battle to miss some school.

“I went because it sounded fun, and I would miss 7th and 8th period,” he said.

Eighth-grader Nolan Turner raised $65 for the fundraiser.

Turner said he wants the money used for the good of the students.

“I hope they use the money for better internet and better materials,” he said.

Before the Color Battle, students participated in races.

Turner said that some parts of Color Battle were fun, but some parts weren’t.

“They should do it again because it’s fun, but no more stupid races,” he said

Two hundred and eighty people donated to the Color Battle fundraiser.

Color Battle coordinator Collin Ratas, said he thinks that having to raise $30 to participate is fair.

“It’s a deep question but not every kid can afford everything,” he said.

Collin said he doesn’t just work for MISD.

“We work for other districts and schools,” he said.

The PTA and Principal Sharlonda Kennedy chose this fundraiser to give students a great treat.

In the Color Battle students threw colored packets of powder at each other.

Seventh-grader Ian Nunez said the event was fun because he got to throw color at people and miss 7th and 8th period.

“It would be cool if we had like paintballs or something instead,” he said.

Nunez said he was covered in a lot of color by the end. He enjoyed throwing color at people and getting color thrown at him.

”I thought it would be worth it because I got to miss 7th and 8th period,” he said.