Black Friday: Deal or No Deal?


Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, a day where people go out and get good deals at stores. It’s an all day event, where some people go out and wait in long lines or choose to do their shopping online. 

Black Friday is one of the busiest times of the year for retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and so many more. People will stand or camp outside of the stores hours before the doors open. In some cases extreme Black Friday shoppers will do anything and everything to make sure they get what they want. Junior Bryce Holton is one of those shoppers that is willing to go to extremes. 

“I was shopping with my parents when a lady came up and just straight grabbed something out my cart so I told her to give me my stuff back and she ran away and I wasn’t playing with her so I chased after her and stole it right back out her cart,” said Holton.

Last year Covid prevented a lot of people from going out and doing things normally, with masks being a requirement in all stores and social distancing slowing down lines. Target handled things carefully by allowing a certain amount of people in at a time. Assistant Manager at Target, Zephaniah Zuniga, feels that Black Friday this year will be really chaotic being that there aren’t so many Covid restrictions.

“Last year was a handful for a lot of our staff members even with the restrictions and the limited people we could have in our store but I can definitely say that I feel this year will be twice as crazy as last year,” said Zuniga.

For some families Black Friday shopping has become a tradition that keeps a family bond strong. Junior Syvannah Poore keeps this tradition going because of the life of her Nana.

“It was my Nana’s favorite thing to do before she passed away, so me and my family just made it a tradition to keep it alive,” said Poore.

However with all the fun deals and crazy long lines some people find the Black Friday as a distraction from what the holiday really is about. Some feel it takes away from the Thanksgiving holiday and that it’s just a way for people to spend unnecessary money. Senior, Mckenna Murray, thinks that the Thanksgiving break and holiday should be focused strictly on that.

“I just don’t see the use in Black Friday I think the whole purpose of us being on break is to enjoy that time with family and eat not go out and spend money that doesn’t need to be spent,” said Murray.