Pop Culture in 2022


The new year means new things to come such as a new Saba album, new DC and Marvel movies, and new anime shows. In 2022 many people like sophomore, Jad Kabeth, have been waiting to see movies and games that he is really excited for.

“The Batman movie is coming out this year. I’m a pretty big DC fan and I like Batman,” says Kabeth.

In 2022 many games such as Halo infinite and Ark 2 are supposed to be released. Sophomore, Tarek Hafza, is waiting for one particular game to be released from one of his favorite franchises.

“There are some Star Wars shows that are coming out like the Mandalorian,” says Hafza.

For music coming out in 2022 such as new singles or albums from the band 100 Gecs. People like sophomore, Asher Popple, are excited for some of their favorite artists to release music.

“The new 100 Gecs album would be nice. I’m a HUGE fan of them. I’m a big fan of their music and I have been listening to them for over a year now. I’m also excited for a show called Better Call Saul Because the last season is coming out,” says Popple.

Speaking of music, many artists like The Weekend have already released an album this year and other people are expecting new albums from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Saba, and people like Junior, Adnan Allan, is hoping for a new album to come out this year from his favorite artist.

“I really want Kendrick Lamar to release a new album. He has to release one this year because everyone has been hyping it. Another artist I listen to is Saba and he says he is going to release it later this year. I would love for Frank Ocean to release a new song but he hasn’t dropped a song since 2018 and he hasn’t said anything about a new album since,” says Allan.

Anime fans are excited about 2022 because many new things such as new episodes and seasons of shows like Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan have new episodes coming out this year. Junior, Ameen Alansari, is a big anime fan and is excited for everything new to come out.

“Anime is one of the things that I am excited about because Attack on Titan is ending and episodes are being released weekly right now, and season 2 of Demon Slayer is also being released weekly. Another thing I’m waiting for is the Jujutsu Kaisen movie to come out later this year,” says Alansari.

The new year has many possibilities for anything to happen and there are no limits for what could happen. All over the world fans are excited for something to happen this year and anticipating more to come.