Galentine’s Day


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February 14th, a sacred day for some and just another regular day for others. Valentine’s day has been a holiday that has either been awaited or looked down upon, depending on someone’s relationship status. Someone could either be spending the day with their loved one or be spending their day in their room, eating their parent’s chocolate. However, as society has progressed and the need for a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s day has exceeded, there are now different ways to celebrate Cupid’s holiday without having a significant other. For example, ‘Galentine’s Day,’ which is an entendre bounced off Valentine’s day in which someone would be hanging out with their best friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day was the creation of the beloved fictional deputy director of Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, Indiana, Leslie Knope. Typically celebrated on February 13th, however it substitutes for the lack of a loved one during the real Valentine’s day. It is to celebrate female friendship and with society progressing as of late, it could go beyond just female friendship. For senior, Mackenzie Henning, Galentine’s day is a great substitute for the real holiday.

“I think Galentine’s day is a great ‘fake’ holiday. I love my friends so much and I am always hanging out with them, so I feel like having a whole day dedicated to just me and my friends’ bond is such a good idea,” said Henning.

Though Galentine’s day may seem to bother nobody, some people could take offense to others not spending Valentine’s Day how it should be ‘traditionally’ celebrated. Instead of intimate date nights with one’s partner, Galentine’s Day substitutes it with exuberant friendly hang outs with one’s closest friends. In a sense, someone is still hanging out with loved ones, but instead it is not their partner but rather their partner in crime. For senior, Mia Ortiz, boyfriends are overrated these days.

“As a society, I feel that we as women and us as a diaspora have exceeded the need to have a boyfriend. Women can be independent and stand alone on their own and still be strong. Even better when you have friends on your side. So, I think Galentine’s day is a good day to celebrate,” said Ortiz.

The holiday can be celebrated in many different ways. Whether that be having dinner out with the girls or simply going to the movies, the options are endless. Even a bouquet of flowers from a friend would satisfy. For senior, Pamela Tamo, quality time spent well is good enough for her.

“I don’t think too much about thematics or anything extravagant when it comes to hanging out with my best friends. As long as I am spending quality time with them and having a good time, then I am not complaining,” said Tamo.

The argument of Valentine’s or Galentine’s can be up in the air for anyone as it depends on how someone looks at it. Both days and traditions have their advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the person. Someone could prefer spending time with their friends too, despite maybe having a significant other to love upon. For senior, Ella Hernandez, despite having a boyfriend, she still values quality time with her friends.

“Even though I have a boyfriend for the first time during this year’s Valentine’s day, I am still going to celebrate Galentine’s day. My friends were here for me first and they will still continue to be with me, no matter what happens to me and my boyfriend in the future. It could just be like another regular day for us,” said Hernandez.

The holiday might seem popular, however each year, others find out more and more about the holiday. Galentine’s day is consistently gaining popularity and soon could become a universal holiday such as the real holiday. For senior, Jada Brown, though she did not know the holiday at first, but she seems interested.

“Before you told me, I did not know what Galentine’s day was. I thought there was only Valentine’s day, but now that I am aware of it, I think it is a fun and sweet idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with their friends for the whole day,” said Brown.

Galentine’s day might seem like a joke or a spoof when it comes to Valentine’s day, but there is an important underlying message to it. Instead of celebrating love, someone is celebrating friendship in which some think that connection is much stronger than a relationship. A bond that cannot be broken is put up on display for the world to see on Galentine’s day.