Hooping into the Playoffs

The Lake Ridge Lady’s Basketball team showed everyone that they are capable of working as a team by getting to the playoffs for the first time since the 2014-2015 season. Junior, Elizabeth Abiara, is pleased with how this year’s team did but also excited about their future.

“The overall season went really well. Our goal at the beginning was to make it to the playoffs even with the hard district that we were in. Our goal initially was to make it to playoffs because Lake Ridge hadn’t done that for years. I think we achieved that goal by holding everyone accountable. I think it will go even better because most of our team is pretty young and we still have the same players next year so we can continue to grow and build on what we did this year,” says Abiara.

The varsity girls assistant coach, Shalyn Colbert, also has her opinions on this year and her expectation for next year as an assistant coach.

“We were pleased with our season this year. We think that the girls worked really hard, of course we got to the regional semi finalists. So you know, we’re proud of how they did this year. My expectations for next year are that we, you know, continue to work hard to not only obtain our goal but to hopefully reach new goals and to get further than any team has gotten here,” says Colbert.

Teamwork is an important part of most sports, especially in basketball because it’s a team sport. If you don’t have good teamwork and communication in basketball your team won’t get far into the season. Colbert, talks about how teamwork is important and plays a big part in the sport.

“It’s important for a team to work together, you’re going to need each other, they’re going to need to be there to pick each other up in terms of adversity and things like that. Team work is the epicenter of why we got to where we were,” says Colbert.

Players like Elizabeth Abiara also agree with how teamwork is important and how it plays a big part in the sport especially when you are on the court with everyone and needing to communicate with each other.

“It is important to work as a team because alone you won’t achieve much. One person can’t carry a team and everyone has a role. If everyone plays their role then winning is easy. Which is why teamwork is important,” says Abiara.

The season has been special because the playoffs are a big part of the sport and it makes the season better and longer, and because Lake Ridge hasn’t made the playoffs since the 2014-2015 season. Coach Colbert believes it was an exciting moment for the team.

“We Believe it was special. I mean, we knew that the girls were capable of it. So it was just exciting watching everything come together over the course of the season,” says Colbert.

Overall the season went well for the Lake Ridge girls varsity team, and they plan to have the same but better expectations for next season. Of course it won’t be an easy goal to achieve so everyone on the team, players and coaches, are going to have to work hard and work together for an even better season next season, but anything is possible with the communication, dedication, and teamwork of you and others to make those goals possible for next year and many other years to come.