What is True Friendship?

Friendship can be an ambiguous topic. The dynamic in which someone and their friends interact is up to their own interpretation. Whether that be hanging out everyday or only talking in school, people interact with their friends in various ways. Despite either talking every second of the day or not at all sometimes, their bond can be unbreakable. Depending on how two or more people set their boundaries on their friendship can lead to a healthy and everlasting bond.

Friendship has been depicted and highlighted in many different ways. Through books, television, and pop culture, there are various examples of friendship portrayed in the real world. Some of the most iconic friendships in today’s culture are : Maddy and Cassie of ‘Euphoria’, Joey and Chandler of ‘Friends’, and Scott and Stiles of ‘Teen Wolf’. Each friendship interacts in different ways, but people can still see the connection. For senior, Brianna Packer, she might not be physically close with her friends but mentally she is.

“I am not the type to always bother my friends with my presence. Of course I will talk to them when I see them, play video games, hang out, and do what we do, but I am not the type to overdo it. However, me and my friends are still pretty close despite how distant we seem to be,” said Packer.

Sometimes friends talk all the time and sometimes they rarely talk once a day, but are still able to maintain a consistent friendship. There are friends who always have to be at each other’s sides 24/7 and there are others who like personal space. Depending on the people, friendship dynamics vary on the social spectrum. The social spectrum can either be clingy or distant. For senior, Kaitlyn Bennett, she is more than tenacious when it comes to her friendships.

“For me, I am more clingy than anything with my friends. I always have to be around them, we hang out all the time, and when I don’t see them in person, I am always texting or calling them. I thrive off of communication so it is better for me to always stay in contact with them one way or another,” said Bennett.

In some cases, friendships are reflected by what people see in pop culture such as television. For example, the once-was friendship of Cassie and Maddy of ‘Euphoria’ is a representation of the darker side of friendships and how some friendships are like in real life. Another example would be Shaggy and ‘Scooby Doo’. Though it is a relationship between a human and dog, it is a good example of a picture perfect friendship. For senior, Mackenzie Henning, there are many shows in pop culture that influence her friendships.

“I watch a lot of TV shows, so there are a couple of friendships I see that influence me. Examples being Maddy and Cassie from ‘Euphoria’, but only in season one. They portrayed such a friendship that I loved and wanted to have a friendship just like that. I feel like pop culture has a big influence on anything in life, because you see it all the time, so you become accustomed to it and start adapting the things you see,” said Henning.

Though friendships are typically seen as sunshine and rainbows, there is a dark side of friendship as well. There can be fights, arguments, and disagreements within a friendship. However, those conflicts can be a one way path to a healthier and more communicative relationship. Moreover, there are other ways to maintain or reach a healthy friendship aside from resolving conflict. For senior, Brittany Rodriguez, a healthy relationship is achieved through communication and honesty.

“A healthy relationship is something that I personally think is easy to achieve, but can use some work to maintain. Communication in my opinion is key. With communication, you are able to be on the same page on most things. Also honesty, being honest and telling the truth might be something little, but it goes a long way,” said Rodriguez.

Friendship is a real thing, however it can be looked upon as an ideology. There is an archetype in what an ideal friendship should look like. However, an ideal friendship is different from person to person. Ultimately, friendship is an ambiguous model subject to the holder. For senior, Baylee Roson, friendship is molded by strong bonds.

“Personally, an ideal friendship is a friendship that is mixed with good communication, but also personal space. Respect each other’s boundaries, be there for each other, and listen to each other well. No need to hang out all the time, but quality time is nice as well,” said Roson.

Nevertheless, the real question to be asked is what is true friendship? Friendship can have various definitions and it is up to the individual to define it. Take it for what it is worth. However, friendship is a never conforming ideology rather than a set and stern definition.