What’s wrong with being Confident?

Head up, chest out, walking with urgency. Just some little traits that are looked upon as ‘confidence.’ Confidence can be interpreted in many different ways. Maybe it is the way someone carries themselves, by the way they walk, talk, and the way they act. Confidence can also be perceived as a mindset. The way someone sees another person will be the same way someone sees themselves. Ultimately, confidence is an ambiguous topic and the definition differs from person to person.

People portray confidence differently in person. It could be through their style, their personality, or their knowledge. For senior Shawn Mosheni, his definition of confidence is synonymous with the textbook definition and roots from his personal athleticism.

“To me, confidence is the way someone expresses themselves comfortably. They are able to show up and show out, no matter where they go and have no shame doing so. Personally, I am confident in my athleticism, specifically swimming, because I have been doing it for so long and I have been practicing for years,” said Mosheni.

How is someone supposed to feel whenever they are feeling confident? Happy, excited, or like they are the only person in the world? Someone being in their own zone can exemplify their emotions through the roof. They do not allow anybody else to bring them down nor rain on their parade. For freshman, Kailey Tolbert, the feeling she gets while being her most confident is an emotion that cannot be matched.

“I always feel so good and like I am on top of the world whenever I am my most confident. The adrenaline rush that I get whenever I am feeling confident is an emotion that cannot be matched. It is the best feeling in the world and I would feel like that everyday if I could,” said Tolbert.

When talking about style and confidence, it is not only about the clothes someone is wearing, but it is the way they carry themselves whenever they are wearing those clothes. The person should be wearing the clothes, the clothes should not be wearing them. They should feel confident and comfortable enough to express themselves through their new shoes or their new jeans they were scared of wearing. For senior Mercy Nyakundi, she feels on top of the world whenever she is wearing her Sunday’s best.

“I don’t dress up all the time, but whenever I do, it feels amazing. I think people perceive me in the wrong way and I hate when people stare at me, but when I am dressed up, I love when all eyes are on me. It makes me feel tingly inside and it is how I want to feel all the time. Though I don’t dress up all the time, I dress to impress when I do,” said Nyakundi.

Though confidence comes with its ups, it does have its downs. On the darker side, when someone feels confident, there will be people who will try to ruin someone’s mood, because of their hating mood. However, grass is greener on the other side and someone cannot bring another person down if that person does not allow an energy vampire to get to them. For senior Owen O’Connor, words cannot bring him down.

“When I am at my most confident, I feel bold and like nobody can bring me down. Therefore, I do not let anybody get to me, no matter what they say. Especially, whenever I am performing, that is when I am the most confident. I maintain the mindset that people can’t hurt you if you don’t allow them,” said O’Connor.

Through compliments and insults and stares and words, ultimately, confidence is what can keep someone going through the day. Not caring what other people think and staying true to oneself. Therefore, people can dress how they want, talk how they want, and carry themselves how they want without feeling as if they will be ridiculed for it. Just like what Demi Lovato said in her hit song, Confident, there is nothing wrong with being a little confident.