The Impact of Extracurriculars at Lake Ridge

Lake Ridge offers a variety of extracurriculars for students. From athletics and clubs, to academic competitions and leadership positions, students are provided with a wide selection of activities beyond the classroom. Reasons students may choose to participate in an extracurricular activity can range from the opportunity to receive an officer position, win awards, and the upperhand it could potentially offer students when they apply to colleges. 

Sophomore, Madison Nguyen joined after- school activities for a better high school experience. She wanted to extend her participation further than just doing assignments. Nguyen is the current webmaster and future vice president of Key Club, and a member of Youth and Government and the Girl Up club.

“I feel like I know people do them for like college applications and stuff, but I wanted to just get more involved at school because I didn’t want to do school as just a place to get grades,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen plans to use her participation in an activity like Girl Up to help her with a future career. 

“For Girl Up, I’m thinking about going into the medical field, or for STEM and I feel like there aren’t many women in those fields. So I feel like this will help me get more confidence to get into the future profession I want,” said Nguyen.

Sophomore, Hannah Le, is committed to DECA, a club for students interested in business related fields, UIL science, and Key Club. She mainly selected the activities based on what she plans to study in college, and how they help her improve in certain areas.. 

“I picked them related to what I want to major in.  Since I want to major in business, I joined DECA. I also took Ben Barber classes and they really advertised DECA really well. So I was like, wow, I want to do DECA. And for UIL even though they’re not many members and we should get more this year, I just feel like it’s really fun because competing in a subject matter like math, science, journalism, all things of those sorts. I just really think it helps you identify your strengths and your weaknesses,” said Le.

Sophomore, Anna Tomlinson, believes that extracurriculars do in fact help students when applying for college. 

“I feel like these extracurriculars will help with the college admissions process. Just because joining extracurriculars that you are very passionate about shows colleges that you’re involved in your school or community and you’re doing something to better yourself and doing things that really interest you and what you want to do in the future,” Tomlinson said.

Junior, Neva Khan explores her passions through extracurriculars. She is the founder of Lake Ridge’s Youth and Government, President of Key Club,  the future secretary for Book Club, and a member of ASA (Asian Student Association). 

“I’m based on different things I like. For example, I’m very passionate in politics and debating. So that is why I started a youth government program at Lake Ridge. In fact, in middle school I also started one at my local middle school. And I recruited some members and I enjoyed it so much that I hoped to bring it to Lake Ridge,” said Khan.

Khan’s advice for those interested in joining a school activity is to make sure they truly enjoy it. 

“I would just make sure people join extracurriculars based on what they love. If there’s no passion for it, you’re kind of just wasting your time and it’s not necessarily going to make colleges like you better or make it make you look better for colleges because if you have no passion for it, it will be like it will show and then you’re kind of just for being perceived as a person who does stuff to look good and not because they like it,” Khan said.

Khan believes that extracurriculars help students find themselves within the community.

“Also it helps people kind of find themselves. It’s really important that you kind of test different clubs out and see what you like and extracurriculars is a perfect way to finally see. Activities beyond school is definitely important beyond school or as a person, I know that sounds kind of corny, but it’s a great way to weed out things you love and you don’t love,” Khan said.