This is How They Roll: Bowling Team Finds Success at State

The Lake Ridge bowling team was formed only in 2015, but they already know the experience of competing against some of the best, multiple times. The team advanced to the state competition once again, competing on March 26th and 27th. The 27 proud bowlers return to Lake Ridge with their bowling shoes, ball and a new achievement to add to their list.

The bowling team had to make it through district and regional events before making it to their most important competition against people from all over Texas. Bowling team sponsor, Donna Davis, said bowling at the state level is different from a normal state competition because there is not one specific place they get. Lake Ridge has both Varsity and JV teams, but only the students who regularly bowled on the Varsity team competed at state. There were both teams and individual girls and boys events. There were over 20 teams Lake Ridge had to face, and the girls team made it through three rounds, while the boys team made it through to the second round. With 43 of the best bowlers from around the state competing in boys singles, the one representing Lake Ridge, senior Colby Anderson, was ranked 15 in the first round and advanced to the second round.

Two freshman girls also stepped up to bowl at state. Charisse Graham made it through two rounds, and Kyrah Durham made it to the final eight. Durham first started bowling when she was three, and began competitive bowling at just 10 years old. Her parents were looking for an indoor activity to help her develop motor skills, but bowling has given Durham much more than that; it has given her the title of state semifinalist and many friends. 

“My favorite part about being on the team is when we get together before we bowl to pray and do our chant. It’s my favorite because it brings everyone together and pumped up about bowling,” said Durham.

Durham also bowled three pins short of a perfect game and received an achievement award. She said it felt amazing and that there was a rush of adrenaline for her, especially since she was one of the younger competitors there. Graham, the other freshman to place individually, has also been bowling since she was three and is motivated by the hard work she puts in week after week.

“What made me interested in bowling was the tournaments I can compete in and win scholarship money to go to college, the competition it brings, and the people you meet all over the country,” said Graham.

Doing well at the state level takes lots of preparation, but there are many unpredictable factors that play into how the bowling team will do that day. The students have to go into the competition clueless about their competitors, and make sure they stay focused on doing the best they can.

“The hardest part is not knowing how good your opponents are going to bowl that day,” said Davis. “The boys were second in district so they didn’t win the overall, but then they got to regionals and they beat everybody and placed first. They just bowled an outstanding game and that was just their day for them.”

Davis believes that it’s very exciting for the team to be able to represent the school at state level, especially since they’re such a young team. Even with the pressure of competing against the best high school bowlers from around Texas, bowlers are able to balance practices and competitions with other extracurriculars. Members of the bowling team represent a variety of other sports and groups, including band, cheerleading and football.

“We have a lot of students that are on other teams and I think we’ve had someone on every team except a basketball player,” said Davis. “It’s kind of this collection of kids from all of these groups and activities.  

The Lake Ridge bowlers have had a busy year competing alongside the best in Texas, but they have made many memories doing what they love together.