Danny Jones Fine Arts Prepare For Performances

Danny Jones’ bands and choirs are preparing for their University Interscholastic League (UIL) recordings and performances at the Mansfield Performing Arts Center in April.

Both of Danny Jones’ bands have been preparing their music since December. Many of the musicians have been juggling their out-of-school responsibilities with practicing.

Luzviminda Pascasio is the lead director of the Danny Jones band and had to consider the musicians’ weaknesses and strengths while choosing music.

“They needed something they would enjoy working on for several months and was going to give them the most return,” Pascasio said.

These musicians have to work together as a group to make their material sound the best it can be. Teamwork is crucial to doing well during competitions. 

Preparing concert music is a tedious and long-term process. Pascasio said she loves the moments when the music clicks for her students.

“My favorite part would have to be just the ‘aha’ moments,” she said. “When they remember ‘OMG I couldn’t get this part’ and all of a sudden it clicks and we get those looks on their faces, all of the work pays off and they end up having a really good performance together. It’s not about the rating and trophies, it’s about those moments together as musicians.”

The Danny Jones Choir has been working to prepare for the upcoming UIL competition.

Choir member Mia White said there are challenges of balancing time to prepare for the upcoming performance while having to deal with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. 

“Nowadays, all middle schoolers are bombarded with loads of homework and extracurricular activities, so obviously it’s hard to find time to memorize pages of sheet music and lyrics,” she said. “But even though that could be a challenge, we’re currently going through it at a steady pace, so we’ll be fine.”

Even though their rehearsals have been going smoothly, members of the choir are starting to feel the upcoming pressure of the performance.

White said feeling some amount of pressure before a performance as impactful as this is normal.

“The director has said that this performance will be the equivalent of our STAAR test, which is why I think so many of us are feeling more pressured than we have during previous performances,” she said. “I still think that this performance will end up successfully, as we have been trying our best.”