Age’s Impact on Halloween

Halloween or Hallow’s Eve is a holiday celebrated by many people every year on October 31st. This holiday is celebrated by carving pumpkins, dressing up, going to parties, and trick-or-treating. However, some people feel too old and awkward to celebrate this well-known holiday. 

Trick-or-treating, dressing up, and pumpkin carving are some of the most popular Halloween traditions. Although many people of all ages celebrate Halloween, some parents don’t allow their children to participate in Halloween traditions at a certain age. AP World History teacher, Amy Husk believes that if you want to celebrate something, then you should.

“When I was younger and turned twelve my mom wouldn’t let me trick-or-treat anymore, I think that if the tradition speaks to you, then you should celebrate it. I have no problem with any people of any age celebrating whatever traditions they want,” said Husk.

As students get older they tend to stop participating in Halloween traditions that they used to when they were younger. Some instead are staying home or going out with their friends to parties and hanging out. Sophomore, Alisa Brooks  says that friends have a big influence on each other regarding what to participate in and what not to do on Halloween.

“People we surround ourselves with influence us to go to parties or do different things than what we used to do when we were six and in middle school. Instead of trick-or-treating I hang out with my friends and go to their house instead,” said Brooks.

Some people stop dressing up because they feel embarrassed about what others may think. Many feel as if friends will make fun of them for dressing up at this age. Sophomore, Gabriella Costilla felt that at first but then ignored the fact that she may be teased.

“Around the age of fourteen, I started to think that maybe I shouldn’t dress up but I eventually stopped caring what people started to think, and others feel that way due to the influence of their friends,” said Costilla. 

Although dressing up for Halloween is targeted at younger students there are still older students who participate in it too. When students are out trick-or-treating they see older people and that conveys a message to younger students that they can do what they like. Sophomore, Maddex Morales feels that you should do what you want regardless of your age. 

“A lot of people get embarrassed by the fact that you’re older and a lot of younger people enjoy it. There are some teenagers and there are even some adults that dress up. One year there was this adult who was wearing such a cool costume and there was nothing wrong with it. I think it goes for however you feel,” said Morales.

Whether it’s unspoken barriers or parents not allowing students to celebrate due to age, students refrain from celebrating Halloween. Many people feel as they get older, it’s less common to celebrate Halloween. Some students had traditions they used to take part in with friends and family, but as they aged, they stopped participating in these traditions. Junior, Luis Reyes used to celebrate Halloween with his cousins but now doesn’t do anything for Halloween. 

“My cousins and I used to bring backpacks of different costumes and go to the same houses to get more candy, but we don’t do that anymore because we feel more mature. Others who stopped celebrating probably just stay home and forget that the holiday even exists,” said Reyes.

All in all many people feel embarrassed, awkward, and even too old when participating in different Halloween traditions whether it’s trick-or-treating, dressing up, or going out with friends. However there are those who still celebrate this popular holiday regardless of what anyone else says.