Expression Through Hair


Tyler Quisenberry

Lake Ridge student shows off their hair style for a picture. Photo courtesy of Tyler Quisenberry (ENN Staff)

Many people find different ways to express themselves through clothing, make-up, and accessories. One popular way that people express themselves is through hair. Multiple people dye, cut, and try different styles on their hair to creatively express themselves.

Some people feel that doing different things to your hair can allow for unique expression of identity. Junior, Hannah Godbold feels that being able to switch up their hair makes them able to distinguish themselves from others. 

“Whether it’s the way you cut it, color it, or style it, I feel like it’s a good way to express yourself. For example, I used to have pink hair and I had blue hair last year. I think it just makes any outfit cooler. As someone who considers myself punk, it’s a good way to be distinguished as an alternative person,” said Godbold.

Many people are used to having the same hairstyle, haircut, and hair color for most of their lives. Even though some people feel a little uncomfortable trying something new Sophomore, Natalia Hedger, encourages everyone to try new styles, colors, or lengths.

“You should always try new things. You never know what you’ll like the best. Our lives are short. You might regret it, but it will be a learning experience and who knows you could love it or you could hate it. You should experiment with different styles,” said Hedger.

Many people are limited in what they can do and what they can control in their lives about themselves. People who feel they need an outlet to be in control of their identity, use their hair. Freshman, Gabriela Moreno, feels that being able to control her hair gives her a sense of freedom.  

“Being able to do what I want with my hair lets me have something to control instead of being limited to everything. It’s like you have your own free will and I really enjoy that,” said Moreno. 

Lots of people are outgoing and can easily express themselves and show others their personality. However, some feel they need help with showing the world who they are. That’s when they turn to expressing themselves through their hair. Senior, Giyonnah Williams feels that hair helps her to convey herself and models her look after those she thinks highly of. 

“I started expressing myself through my hair in eighth grade. I felt that I needed to show people the person that I was through my hair because I couldn’t do that myself. Zendeya and Selena Gomez were some big influences on that when I was growing up,” said Williams.

A multitude of people uses hair to express themselves and show people who they are. Meanwhile, others use their hair to figure out who they are and to try and find themselves. Sophomore, Keira Korfe feels that hair not only expresses someone’s identity, but also helps people discover their identity themselves. 

“I feel like using hair is a really good way for people to show who they are. I think many people feel that they can creatively express themselves. Trying new things is a really good way to find out who we are overall,” said Korfe.

A major aspect of hair expression is culture. Many people feel like they can connect with their culture using their hair. Sophomore, Amaka Gbulie feels as she and many others feel that hair is a good way to express themselves and their culture. 

“I definitely feel that many people express themselves with their hair. Especially within the black community. I know that many Nigerian people feel a special connection to their hair because its use during slavery. When it came to cornrows, it was a way to give yourself some food, as they would put rice in the braid, so they would have something to eat. It was also a way to put maps in your hair through braids. Something as simple as hair could do a lot for those of Nigerian culture. I usually have traditional braids and that is really important to me, specifically to my culture. It helps me express myself as an individual,” said Gbulie. 

It can be difficult for some to express who they are. Many people use their hair as a way to indicate themselves culturally and figure out who they really are. Many individuals are grateful to be able to have the freedom to express themselves in different ways using their hair.