The Boiling Isles Is Coming to an End

Beloved show, ‘The Owl House’ is being canceled by Disney, with only three 40 minute long episodes for its finale. The show is about a girl named Luz entering a door that brings her to ‘The boiling isles’ a place of magic, wonder, and quirkiness; where she is trained as a human-witch by Eda the Owl lady.

According to parrotanalytics, its popularity has been widespread across America. The Disney series is 32.8 times the demand of an average TV series in the United States. The Owl House resembles the margins of the successful comedic animation show, ‘Gravity Falls’- which had its own unique monster-filled antics and tremendous fan base. Junior, Beth Redman believes that the Owl House is much like Gravity Falls and can reach any audience: regardless of its labeling. 

“It feels like the modern day equivalent to Gravity Falls in a way. Especially because Alex Hirsh, the creator of Gravity Falls, is involved in the production of the Owl House and even voices a character named King. I feel like anybody can watch the show even though it’s a kids show. It is interesting, it has a good plot, so anybody can enjoy it. It’s just a really positive show,” said Redman.

Over the next coming months, Disney will be releasing the finale through three lengthy episodes. So far, Season 3 episode 1: ‘Thanks to Them’ has been released on YouTube. The other two are expected to be released sometime in early 2023. Sophomore, Brooklyn Thiot believes that there would be more room for development within the story, if there were more episodes. 

“The show really connects with my inner fantasy realm. I can envision myself trapped in the world like Luz, with all the magic within it. It’s such a good show. It deserves to have more than three episodes in the final season to be completely honest. It would add so much more to the story. With only three episodes, who knows? The show may end with a cliffhanger causing audiences to never see the end,” stated Thiot.

Junior, RaShawn Steward has been a part of the committed fan base since the release of the series. He has mixed feelings about the upcoming finale of the show.

“I’m glad Disney’s making more, but there’s only going to be three episodes. Because of that, the ending of the series is going to be rushed since it’s only 40 minutes long. It’s bittersweet to see the show end because I just want to see more. Seeing the characters you know and love go away after so long is sad,” said Steward.

Junior, Brianna Le feels at peace with the cancellation of the show. Although along with peace, she feels a sense of melancholy. 

“To be honest, I feel okay with the cancellation of The Owl House. I love the show, but I feel like what we have gotten has been enough. Especially since a majority of the story was told in season two. I’m excited for the end of the show, but I am still sad to see it go. It has made me feel included and just happy,” stated Le.

The Owl House, animated by Sugarcube Animation,  has a large team of animators who devote their time to designing a heartfelt and gorgeous world that fans came to love. Senior, Natalie Castro is an art student who greatly admires the show for its artistic and narrative values. She explains why she believes the show is her ultimate comfort show.

“It’s one of my favorite shows. It’s a good show for when you want to relax or want to entertain your inner child. It’s the perfect show to let go to, even if it’s just playing in the background. That said, the animation is fantastic. I’m an artist, so seeing the animation and what they can do with the visuals is so cool. I love watching it. One of my favorite things to do is to analyze movies and shows with Animation. A lot of the time, Disney has a lot to offer when it comes to depth in their stories,” said Castro. 

Luz Nocedo is the teenage Latina protagonist who hopes to become a witch. She is officially the first leading bisexual character within a Disney show. The series is not unaccustomed to LGBTQ+ representation, with it having multiple accomplishments to mark its place in Disney history. The protagonist herself has a queer relationship with another girl named Amity, the ship is nicknamed ‘Lumity’ by the fan base. Castro credits part of their love for the show, to the way Luz’s identity relates to her own.

“I like the representation for me. I don’t get to see a lot of Latina characters in general, especially brown Latina characters. In media, I feel like the mass is Hispanic Latinos that are lightly skin-toned. To have the protagonist being someone who has a darker skin tone and who is bisexual, allows for representation that I appreciate,” stated Castro. 

Junior, Ani Li-Lin contributes the cancellation of the show to the brand itself, as it is not the typical ‘Disney tale.’

“I love the show. It is so whimsical and unique. It has such good queer representation, comparatively to the other shows or movies that Disney has tried to include queer representation in. I feel like the whole point of the show’s little hiatus was that it didn’t represent their quote on quote ‘Disney brand.’ In their eyes is a straight and happy fairy tale,” said Li-Lin.  

According to a Q&A, the creator of the show, Dana Terrace says that the show was canceled due to its ‘perceived brand.’ The Owl House has had different responses around the globe, with some countries censoring gay relationships, like Lumity, within the show.

“Disney heavily censors their movies for other countries, so does Cartoon Network, but especially with Disney. Any examples of Luz and Amity getting together are censored or cut from international broadcasting. They’ll replace dialogue with stuff like ‘let’s go travel together’ instead of ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ It’s just stupid how Disney puts caps on Dana and her creativity. She isn’t afraid to showcase living queer people in a non-negative way which is rare,” stated Li-Lin.

Senior, Addiysn Ross scolds Disney for their part in the matter, as they believe that Dana has created something special that keeps up with the times. 

“Disney isn’t really known for being gay or anything to do with that. Everything about the show is not Disney. Disney has tried to cancel it in the past because of what it represented. I wish Disney wasn’t afraid to include representation. Dana Terrace has spent so much time creating such a well-designed show that had such representation. Just because people don’t like what the show stands for, they want to get it canceled. It makes no sense to me, especially because the world is changing around us. The Owl House represents something different,” said Ross. 

Although Disney has its reasons for cancellation, AP Art History and Art I teacher Stacy Bailey is appalled by their decision to end the show, even if it is a choice based on finances.

“I would have to think that it’s all about money. I would be pretty let down to know that Disney is canceling something because it’s queer or gay. They run Disney World and have gay days so it seems like they’re very gay friendly. So I’m guessing that it’s money based because money rules everything, doesn’t it? Though, I would think they would have enough money to listen to whoever’s wanting them to not cancel it. I’m pretty shocked that they are doing that honestly,” stated Bailey.

Even still, Bailey, who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, is glad that there is a show such as the Owl House out there for those a part of the community to enjoy.

“I think it’s really important for kids to be able to see themselves in representation. I’m glad to know that this show will exist even on Disney plus, even if it’s only three seasons. The fact that it exists at all is revolutionary, even if it is getting canceled,” said Bailey.

The show has had a 3 year run, with episodes airing since the beginning of 2020. While fans may share bittersweet feelings about the conclusion of one of their favorite shows, the production seems to be gracious for their continuous support throughout the era of Luz Noceda’s journey with The Owl House. The first word of each episode of the finale spells out a phrase that is a clear message to fans, “Thanks For Watching.”

Hopefully the legacy of the Owl House stands clear as a powerful message for those struggling to find their place due to sexuality, or other leading factors.