The Appetizing Pies of Thanksgiving


Peggy Greb

Peggy Greb – Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving is a time during the year when many people come together with friends and family to have a big feast. Many types of food are cooked and eaten at Thanksgiving feasts. One popular dessert that is shared during Thanksgiving is pies. Pies come in many different flavors such as cherry pie, pumpkin pie, or apple pie, and can be either sweet or savory. 

Many eat different types of pies during the Thanksgiving season. Most people that eat pies during this time of year feel that they are a significant part of the feast that takes place annually. Sophomore, Donald Ferguson feels that pies are an important tradition and a significant part of the well-known Thanksgiving meal.

“I would say pies are a huge tradition around Thanksgiving. Whenever preparing for the feast of Thanksgiving all your family comes together in unison for a wonderful meal. Pies are a huge part of American cuisine,” said Ferguson. 

Many people enjoy eating pies around the holidays, however some don’t know how to bake pies. Therefore, they buy pies instead of baking them at home. Intro to Culinary Teacher, Ann Guffey says that she would like to be able to teach students how to make pies during the season of Thanksgiving. However, is unable to do so due to the short amount of time she is provided in her classes. 

“I don’t teach how to make pies here at Lake Ridge anymore because you need the class to be double blocked. Pies take about three hours to make. The process includes making the crust, filling, baking it, and cooling it. You just can’t do all of that in one period. If I had more time, I would definitely teach it,” said Guffey.

Many individuals hang out with family and friends during Thanksgiving. This is when everyone’s favorite types of pies are shared. Sophomore, Jaeden Amao has a party annually with friends and family. This is when everyone brings their favorite pie for the others to try, although the pies shared aren’t always liked.

“We all come together like my cousins, my mom’s friends, my dad’s friends, it’s a party basically, and everyone brings their favorite pie. We usually bring blueberry, apple, or cherry pie and someone bought sweet potato pie once but we ended up throwing it out,” said Amao.

Many pies made during Thanksgiving are a part of family tradition and are significant to many people. Sophomore, Rachel Hanson and her sisters help their mother make pumpkin pie and apple pie every year. Doing this has become a tradition in Hanson’s family.

“My mom makes pumpkin and apple pie for Thanksgiving and the whole family gets to have it. I have been working with my mother and helping her since I was around ten and my sisters are now helping us so it’s a little family tradition,” said Hanson. 

Pies are a very popular dessert, but unlike other desserts, pies are mainly only seen during the season of Fall and Thanksgiving. AP World History Teacher, Amy Husk thinks this is due to the fact that the ingredients used are mainly in season during fall.

“Maybe it’s because they have the Fall ingredients. Also pies are labor intensive, so I think that they generally revolve around special occasions. Thanksgiving is an occasion that revolves almost completely around food,” said Husk.

Many people bake pies at home with their family as a tradition and hope to continue the tradition for many years to come. Others don’t bake pies, but still enjoy eating them during Thanksgiving meals. All in all, pies are a very popular dessert seen during the season of Thanksgiving and bring joy to many individuals and their families.