Why We Celebrate Veterans Day


Veterans day was made a national holiday on November 11th, 1954 by president Eisenhower and has been celebrated across the country every year since. Its main goal is to highlight those who have served or are serving in the military and it continues to be an event that is dear to many people to this day. 

  Most people who have served in the armed forces appreciate Veterans Day and so do their family members. It’s a time to recognize their loved ones for devoting part of their life to service. Junior, Kennedy Bacchus, enjoys Veterans Day because it gives her an opportunity to truly celebrate her father and grandfather. 

  ¨My favorite part of Veterans Day is celebrating my dad because he served in the US Army for over 15 years, and the most notable thing he was a part of was probably Desert Storm. Also, my grandfather was an Air Force veteran and he served right after the Vietnam war,¨ stated Bacchus.

   For those who do not have family in the military, the opinion varies. Some are grateful for the time off from obligations and others are glad past soldiers get recognition. Regardless, the impact of Veterans Day is still felt even for those who pay no attention to it, whether it be a break from work or attending a Veterans Day bbq. Junior, Daniel Omoregie, simply likes the holiday due to the fact that he does not have to attend school. 

 ¨I think Veterans day is nice because school is off so we get a chance to relax and I can play the game, but the veterans still have to be represented because they fought for our country and our rights,¨ said Omoregie.

    According to deltacollege.edu, when surviving soldiers returned home from WWII they received much admiration from citizens and were seen as heroes. The soldiers back in this era were stationed across the world and left their families, and not much has changed in that aspect among soldiers today. So it might not be hard to guess why they have a day dedicated to them and why it’s so important to honor what they have done. Junior, Rebekah Lara, thinks Veterans Day is vital because their hard work should not go unnoticed. 

  ¨Veterans day is so important because the brave men and women fight for our rights and while we are comfortable they are out there risking their lives for us and I feel like they should be honored for that. It’s good that they know they are on our minds and we didn’t forget about them,¨ stated Lara. 

   Many organizations, businesses, and schools have their own ways to participate in Veterans Day. For example, stores like Target offer veterans a 10% discount and social media pages of various brands give them shoutouts. Lake Ridge is no different and does its part to show the veterans that they care. Junior, Megan Mai, thinks the school does a good job of recognizing veterans. 

  ¨Usually key club hosts a breakfast event and invites students and their family members who have been in the military to come out and members of key club can volunteer to assist with preparing the breakfast. I also remember last year we made cards for them so I thought that was nice. They say stuff on the announcements about Veterans day, so I think that’s nice too,¨ explained Mai. 

   The JROTC program also does its best to honor veterans. Since JROTC is an army-based program, they put more emphasis on showing their appreciation for veterans as compared to other organizations within the school. Junior, Kennedy Bacchus, who is a cadet in JROTC, says they honor past enlistees through a parade and ceremony. 

 ¨So every Veterans day we do a ceremony in the mornings to honor our veterans and we perform some traditions for them so that´s always a treat. It doesn’t take long to prepare for this ceremony because we have a specific way of doing things and most of our cadets have already done everything before. We also march in the Veterans day parade in Mansfield,¨ explained Bacchus. 

     The military is not as easy as some may think. Between basic training, exposure to potentially harmful conditions, and constant relocations, it can be quite a feat. However, overall many veterans still cherish their times in the military despite the hardships they faced and focus on the good. 1st Seargent, Brandon Butler, who served in the army, is grateful for his experiences. 

    ¨I enjoyed my time in the military. I was really blessed to have the opportunity to serve with so many different people, to meet people from all walks of life. To be able to go to so many different locations that I probably wouldn’t have ever seen before. It was definitely an experience that I didn’t take for granted,¨ stated Butler

     Veterans tend to form long-lasting friendships after their time has come to an end. Going through both mental and physical challenges together may make it easier to bond. In fact, some veterans even maintain traditions that they do regularly to celebrate Veterans Day. Teacher, Manuel Alderete, who did artillery in the Marine Corps, says that he and his friends from the military make an effort to meet up.  

     ¨On the Marine Corps’ birthday which is November 10, we gather and celebrate. Even though I´ve been retired, six, seven years now, we still make it a point to meet up at a restaurant or something and we talk about our time in the military. We have drinks, we eat, we have fun, and it’s just a moment to reminisce and spend time with your old friends,¨ explained Alderete. 

  In spite of its name changes and journey to becoming a federal holiday, Veterans Day´s basis of showing the nation’s veterans they are appreciated has remained the same. Although some people may not realize it, someone had to fight in order for them to be where they are today.