The Master & The Hyde


Evan Moore-Coll

Otterbein University Theatre & Dance from USA – Wikimedia Commons

The new Netflix series, Wednesday has recently been released and is a great entertainment source for many students. Unlike other series, Wednesday has had previous films that help the viewers understand the plot. 

The way the show was constructed, plus the characters who put in so much effort, made the genre stand out among other series. Sophomore, Amal Adan explains her love for the show due to its uniqueness.

“I like the plot of Wednesday because it is intriguing, full of mysteries, and has this dark humor that adds to the entertainment. I have watched a couple of shows that have dark humor, but not one mixed with mysteries, fantasies, and crime,”  said Adan.

Different characters played various roles that made the show fascinating. Some of the character’s roles captivated more student’s attention than other characters. Senior, Kamryn Perry describes how a character intrigued her because of the actor’s portrayal.

“I like the character Tyler more because he was a good boy who missed the presence of his mom, before the teacher brought out the monster in him. He was the only one that Wednesday trusted because of how they related to one another. He played the role of Hyde which was pretty cool and shocking,” said Perry.

In the show, there were a lot of different Outcast groups who attended the same school. Each outcast group had different abilities that made them unique. Junior, Kayla Goff states how her attention was diverted to a particular group because of how different their powers were from other Outcasts.

“There is a possibility that people will choose the sirens because of how their voices could serve as a means of manipulation, but I prefer the psychics and the faceless. Wednesday had the power to see the evil that will happen in the future and Rowan had the power of telekinesis. Although the Faceless never had a play in the show, I find it really interesting how they could do stuff without the five senses,” said Goff.

In the show, there was a terrible prophecy that was about to be fulfilled. It contained descriptive pictures of the main character and a villain. Sophomore, Samiah Mott explains how the main character plays a role in the prophecy

“The role Wednesday played in the prophecy was to bring back Joseph Crackerstone by using her blood. Also, she is a true descendant of Goody which signifies her being a raven,” said Mott.

Some parts of the shows were preferred more because of how appealing the events came out. Those particular scenes engross the viewers more.  Mott describes the part in the show that she enjoyed most.

“My favorite part of the show was when Wednesday and Bianca played against each other in fencing. I loved the way they both moved their legs. They both had a tie before Bianca drew blood from Wednesday with her sabre,” said Mott.

In some crime movies, there are usually villains behind every wrong. Sometimes they are those they don’t expect because of how the movies portray those characters. Later on as they keep watching they find out that the ones they suspect are the good ones. Sophomore, Makayla Stepphens explains the reaction she gave upon finding out who the real villain was.

“When I found out it was Tyler, I was so astonished because I thought he was normie. Even till now I am so confused on how he got the genetics of a hyde because his father is a normie and a sheriff,” said Stepphens.

In some Netflix series, the way the last episode ends determines if there will be a part two or not. In this case Wednesday, there might be a part two because of how the show ended.  Adan describes some of the events that were shown which might indicate there will be a part two.

“During the last episode, it showed where she completed her story with a question mark instead of a period. Even when she got into her car she received two recent pictures of both Xavier and Tyler. There was also a message that said “I’m watching you” with a murder GIF,”said Adan.

The hit Netflix series, Wednesday has really caught the attention of all different age groups and horror fans. The uniqueness of writing, dedicated acting, and suspenseful plot twist has left fans wanting more. Many viewers and those who were a part of the project are hoping for a future announcement of a second season.