Bonding in San Antonio


I find it kind of funny that I am sitting here writing this blog when one, I am a terrible writer, and two, I am drowning in school work. We have been in school for a few weeks, and already I have missed five days. So you can see why I am feeling a little overwhelmed with balancing my school work and volleyball. It’s difficult to get out of practice everyday at 5 p.m. and have to go home and help my mom around the house, help make dinner, shower, and still have enough energy to finish my homework. Then, it all starts over the next day.

I have been playing volleyball for 7 years. The exciting news is Lake Ridge Volleyball went down to San Antonio for a three day tournament and came back as tournament champs! This tournament always has a special place in my heart, mainly for the team bonding aspect. The team and I spent eight plus hours on a bus together, stayed in hotel rooms together, and got our phones taken so they can’t be a distraction. Some of you may think that sounds like torture, but it helped with our team chemistry and allowed me get to know some of my quieter teammates. From dance battles in the hotel rooms to small talk on the bus, San Antonio is always a special memory, especially when you win first place!

On the home front, I spent my whole Sunday catching up on all the assignments and lectures I missed. I have a test in almost every class this week and am nervous about them all. I also had to help my mom clean the house and set up all the decorations for Fall. So you could say my Sunday was pretty busy. We will see how this week goes and hopefully I survive and pass all my tests.

Logyn Hinds,  junior, has signed a letter of intent to play beach volleyball at TCU. She will be a special contributing writer for the duration of the volleyball season.