‘College Kids are Dirty’


Y’ALL— I had the best weekend.  I’ve been super stressed about schoolwork lately, especially since it’s volleyball season, but I also got to go see my sister, Devyn, who lives in Arkansas and I never get to see her anymore. Plus, she has the cutest basset hound puppy.

After losing a really tough game to Rockwall Friday night, it was still a five hour drive to Fayetteville.  I couldn’t really do homework in the car so I just tried to keep my mom awake for the drive. We got to Devyn’s apartment around 2 AM. We had to be up at 8 for the Arkansas v. Eastern Illinois football game, so we went straight to bed.

Saturday’s game was super fun, especially because my sister’s boyfriend, Dalton, plays left tackle for the school.  It was so exciting to cheer him on. We ate lunch at Arsaga’s, a super popular brunch place, and saw the Hog Walk which is when all of the players and coaches walk into the stadium before the game.  The Razorbacks KILLED it with a 55-20 win. We ended up going to dinner with Devyn, Dalton, and his little brother. Dalton’s brother is only 8 so he’s super funny and loves to copy everything Dalton does.  We went to bed VERY early Saturday night, since we didn’t get much sleep the night before.

On Sunday, I helped my mom, also known as “Supermom,” clean Devyn’s entire apartment while she was at work.  We also restocked her fridge so she’ll have food for a while. College kids are poor and dirty so this took way too long.  Right before we left, Devyn helped me finish my homework so we could get on the road at a decent time. I already miss her like crazy but I think I miss her puppy more.

This week looks like it’s going to be a busy one again, but after this weekend, I feel super rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything!

Logyn Hinds,  junior, has signed a letter of intent to play beach volleyball at TCU. She will be a special contributing writer for the duration of the volleyball season.