Drakes “More Life” Album Review

John Beaman , Enn staff

In my opinion, the recent release of Drakes new album “More Life” that was released Saturday night March 18th, 2017 had its fair share of good songs, although it did reach the expectations I had for it.

Drake is a very talented artist, who has a lot of range, being able to rap and sing as well. Also he has certainly been blessed to create such consistency in his music throughout the years he’s been performing. Although with the release of his new album “More Life“, I found six songs that really stuck out to me out of the twenty two songs produced.

The album started off great with the two songs “Free Smoke” and “No Long Talk“, which brought a lot of energy at the start. As the album went on, I began to lose a little interest until I reached song 11 “Portland” followed by “Sacrifices” as song 12, both songs were very energetic with a few great features included in the songs. Sadly, I began to lose a little interest   until I reached the ending of the album with the songs “Ice Melts” and “Do not Disturb”, these two songs ended the album on a very high note.

All in all, I believe “More Life” was a good album that brought out many unique songs, along with new features from artists, although I believe drake had more quantity than quality in his album.