Trendy Halloween Costumes

Lam Tran, Sophomore, dresses up in a cat mask on Oct. 30th

Sydney Johnson

Lam Tran, Sophomore, dresses up in a cat mask on Oct. 30th

Micah Tolton, Newspaper Staff

This Halloween, people are really going all out this year. Between all the iconic movies, books, and celebrity moments, people are really coming up with great ideas. We talked to a Party City employee and got some details about some of this year’s most popular costumes and craziest ideas.

David, a Party City employee, talked to us about how minions were on the rage right now for little kids. With their latest movie coming out, everyone has been talking about The Minions Movie— good and bad reviews. But with teens this year, they have a different idea for costumes; social media is definitely the main focus and so are the celebrities. They have come up with ideas to recreate their most iconic outfits and reference the best moments.

This year’s Halloween will definitely be one to remember not only for the kids but the adults, too. They are coming up with ideas for family costumes, such as The Incredibles and The Adams Family. Our technology today continues to improve our costumes each year.