DIY Halloween Treats


Melinda Weenig, ENN staff

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this scary holiday with easy but delicious spooky Halloween treats. These Halloween treat ideas came from LaurDIY on YouTube and they are perfect for Halloween. Your friends and family are sure to love them.

If you are a fan of sweet and salty mixed together, then you are going to love this first recipe, “Pumpkin Pretzels”. These are super easy to make and only consist of three ingredients which are orange chocolate melts, a bag of pretzels, and green m&ms.

The first thing you want to do is melt your orange melts in a microwave safe bowl in thirty second increments to be sure to not burn the chocolate. Then you are going to get a pretzel and submerge it into the chocolate, making sure it’s completely covered. Then you are going to want to place it on a plate or baking sheet covered in wax paper. While the chocolate is still wet, place your green m&m on the top of the pretzel to make it look like the stem of the pumpkin.

Then place the pretzels in the fridge for 10 minutes to let the chocolate set. The last thing you need to do is place the pretzels on a serving dish and let them be devoured.

If you are an Oreo lover then this next recipe is for you. In order to make “creep eyeballs”, you will need a package of Oreos, red gel icing, and brown smarties. First you need to separate the Oreo and put the Oreo that has the cream on it right side up on a plate. Then you will need to get your gel icing in any color you want and put a medium size circle towards the upper right or left edge of the Oreo. Then put the brown smartie in the middle of the icing, and use the red gel icing and put squiggly lines on the outside of the iris to represent the veins. Put your “creepy eyeballs” on a plate and enjoy.

Make sure you make these treats this Halloween to wow your friends and family, or you can make them all for yourself and eat them while you watch your favorite scary movies.