The Toilet Paper Week 8: Who Would You Vote For?


Landry Cass

Poster that government students made to promote voting.

Megan Overby, ENN Staff

The 2016 presidential election has caused great turmoil these past few months not just in the United States, but throughout the world as well. The Republican candidate is businessman, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate is former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Candidates from other political parties include Gary Johnson a Libertarian, Jill Stein from the Green party, Darrell Castle from the Constitution party, and finally Evan McMullin from the Independence party.

Sofia Olmas, feels that democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, meets the needs of the people.

“I would vote for Hillary Clinton because she has been in government positions previously and has fought for women’s rights since she started her political career. She calls for an end to conversion therapy for the LBTQ+ community, whereas Trump and Pence fund it. ” said Olmas.

Amour Tabb, junior, believes Hillary Clinton will help families stay together.

“I would vote for Hillary Clinton because she wants to stop deportation that would separate families.”

Jared Sterling, sophomore, agrees with Republican candidate Donald Trump’s views.

“I would pick Donald Trump because of his Republican stand point. I prefer not to vote for someone who is thought to be a criminal on multiple occasions,” said Sterling.

Justin Kahl, junior, sides with Trump as well.

“I would vote for Trump because I was raised republican and I like his Christian ideals regarding abortion. I like his economic policy and I also really don’t like Hillary Clinton,” said Kahl.

Americans will find out who will win the election on Tuesday November 8.


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