The Toilet Paper Week 22: Most Memorable Memory

The Toilet Paper Week 22: Most Memorable Memory

Aysia Holder, ENN Staff

“Probably the first football game because I moved here a week before school started and so my first football game was a homecoming game and I went with all my friends and it was really fun.”Freshman Savannah Peterson said.

Savannah Peterson
Nicholas Breuer

“Probably the most memorable thing…I’m in Psychology and my teacher Coach Allen was running through a commercial they were making about distractive driving. That was probably the most memorable thing I’ve ever done because I was actually part of it. I helped the Ben barber kids in helping with it.” Sophomore Nicholas Breuer said.


“Probably the most memorable memory was whenever we went

Nicholas Vo

on our Aca Dec field trip, we bought a lobster and then it was our mascot and we brought it into Lamar High School with it, and it died and pooped itself, yeah that’s pretty much it.” Junior, Nicholas Vo said.

For Senior Kennedy Kinnard we asked what was her most memorable memory for her throughout her four

Kennedy Kinnard

years at Lake Ridge, ” I’ll say homecoming my senior year. just realizing that it would be my last homecoming in high school, and I being with my friends for one last time together was super sentimental.”