What is Homecoming Without a Dance?

Jessica Varela, ENN Staff

  1. This article has been amended to fix an inaccurate statement. The Student Council is responsible for sponsoring a community pep rally, and led the school in dress up days the week of homecoming.

Homecoming in Texas is usually a whirl of fancy dresses and expensive dance tickets, but at Lake Ridge, football and mums seem to do quite nicely. This year Lake Ridge Stuco sponsored a community pep rally, and led the school in dress up days, however there was no homecoming dance.

In the years past, students had to buy and reach a certain amount of tickets for the homecoming dance to actually take place. The students didn’t meet their quota, thus making it look like the student body really had no interest in a dance at all.

Associate Principle of Academics, Natasha Stewart, believes having a homecoming dance is good for school spirit and getting people involved. Unfortunately, students never addressed the issue of not having a dance before the game.

“If someone had come to me and asked about a homecoming dance, I would’ve been all for it. It’s getting people excited about different students coming back home to celebrate one another,” said Stewart.

Student Council runs all of homecoming activities and claims to have had no time during the week to host a homecoming dance. Student Council Sponsor, Hannah Stinson, said that the student officers had too much going on for the week, like preparing for the pep rally and dress up days to even think about a dance.

“This week is super busy. Last night we had the pep rally until 9pm and Friday night we’ll have the game. There’s a lot going on but we’re shooting to do a Valentine’s day dance this year to make up for it,” said Stinson.

Student Council held a meeting in August open to all Lake Ridge students, and also created an online poll over twitter to gauge the interest in having a homecoming dance this year. Results were in favor, however no further steps were taken.

Seniors appeared to be the most upset when it came to finding out there would be no homecoming dance once again. This would obviously be their last homecoming and were hoping for more than just a football game. Senior, Prescilla Lopez, says a homecoming dance would have been a good idea for students to reunite and converse with each other before the football game.

“We have proposals and make mums and garters, but for what? We need a homecoming dance to be able to interact with others. It’s not just about the football players, it’s about the whole student body,” said Lopez.

If students were to take action and ask administration about having a homecoming dance, they would ensure the possibility of there actually being a dance. Until then both Stuco and the student body will be resigned to simply cheer on and support the football team.