Whata-bout Prom?


Time is ticking. Pressure is rising. Yet, there is only one thing left to do before one of the biggest nights of a senior’s high school experience: the promposal. Promposals have become a successful tradition over the past few years, especially due to social media. Whether it’s asking a friend or a significant other, the stress and expectations of finding the most unique way to ask is on.

However, it seems like this year not many students have done big promposals. Only a few have been seen on social media and a small handful on campus. Whether its being nervous to ask someone else or just not wanting to go with anyone at all, students don’t seem to be engaged in the idea of, “promposals” anymore.

Senior, Avery Gonzales, has been waiting long enough for this day. She has decided to go with a group of friends she felt she’d actually have a good time with.

“Prom is just a one time thing, you know? Being able to get all dressed up and walk in with the perfect date. I was recently talking to this guy that goes here and I waited for him to ask me because I assumed since we’re talking, we’re going together but that wasn’t the case. Yet, I honestly would rather go with my friends, people who I can dance with and be myself around,” said Gonzales

Although there haven’t been many promposals, some students believe they are a way to make the night official. Senior, Bailey Cook, asked her boyfriend to prom in a unique way to not only make it official, but to make it mean something to him in the process.

Bailey Cook promposing to her boyfriend, Luke.

“I’m not a flashy person, so a promposal to me is something that is cute and special to you and your significant other rather than something huge. I told him I was going to bring him lunch. I went and got his favorite order from Whataburger, and then surprised him at his door with food and a monogrammed t-shirt I was wearing that said ‘Whata-bout Prom?’” said Cook.

Not everyone plans to go to prom with a date. One student in particular, decided he was going to attend prom solo. Senior, Johnluis Lugo, believes prom isn’t about the promposals or a date, it’s about enjoying the one night that makes up for all the other nights students stayed up doing homework.

“People aren’t as focused on prom as the past few years. We’re more concerned about graduating and just having fun the last month of high school. You don’t see anyone doing promposals anymore because not everyone has a date. Mostly everyone is going with their group of friends and that’s okay too,” said Lugo.

To some prom is the climax of their entire high school experience, and is a night in which students can celebrate their success and accomplishments throughout their high school years.