Are Ap classes wroth the stress?

Hanna Clausen, ENN Staff

   In today’s modern high schools students are  challenged to maintain a high GPA, the SAT and ACT scores, college, and any other extracurriculars they might be involved in. Being in AP or advanced classes can help prepare you for the future by teaching you college level skills  and help boost your class rank, however they come with a heavier workload and potentially a good deal of stress. Professional educators such as Mr.White,history teacher, and students, such as Briauna Caton and Jordyn Jackson, juniors, can speak from experience on how these classes function.

     “I’ve got 3 regular classes and 3 AP classes,” said White.

      When commenting on the difference in the amount of work given to AP students. White stated, “ It’s not so much difference in the workload its depthness to work, the regulars students still have to put in the time, it’s just not as high level”. 

Over all the AP classes are mostly harder for most students because of their wider amount of curriculum, making the class proceed at a faster rate. 

   “ Ap classes definitely work on a faster pace because they have almost double the amount of curriculum as the on level classes for the same year class”, White acknowledged. 

   The advanced classes having so much to learn in a small amount of time leaves no room to fall behind in the class or your grade will be affected, all this pressure causes many students to become overwhelmed.

  Brianuna Caton, junior is an all AP student and is an advocate for the advantage of the advanced classes,  “I am in 7 AP classes,” stated Caton“Most don’t give too much homework,but classes like US history and Chemistry give out a lot,” 

   Caton speaks on the homework given out in her classes ,Jackson agrees AP classes have a different speed.

    “the difference between the load is not that difficult I would say just the sense of urgency is more in AP classes” . 

     Quizzes and tests can even be formatted differently making them harder to study for.         

  “There are usually a few free response and multiple choice are all stimulus based” , confirmed Caton. 

     Although most Ap classes move at a faster pace, some can be more laid back and the teachers more willing to work with their students.

“I know some teachers want to format their class like a college class, while some stick to the standard high school format,” said Caton. “I think its fair, because it is a college level class and you need to work hard in order to do well on the AP exams,” claims Caton. 

While Jackson saw a different side of the situation when asked about the amount of stress Ap students undergo. 

“Yes, AP students seem more stressed about the work they get and it’s not okay stress can lead to a lot of problems I mean I have friends that cry on snapchat about this teacher and how they grade if you are crying before a test there is something wrong“ stated Jackson. 

    Advanced classes can provide great college skills and even help save you money if you pass the AP test, leaving one less class to pay for in college, on the down side you need to be able to handle a heavy workload and have additional free time to study, AP classes have also caused an overwhelming amount of stress for some students, which should not be the case when having to deal with all the other responsibilities that come with your junior and senior years of high school.