High School Sweethearts


Faith Dorsey

Some Lake Ridge couples have been together for a number of years and have plenty of advice to offer up about relationships.

Natalie Mitchell, ENN Staff

Valentine’s day is the day that couples show how much they love one another. Couples who have not been together for a very long time normally give each other gifts to show how much they appreciate one another. However, couples who have been in long term relationships do not need a designated day to show how much they care for their loved one, because they already know. Couples who have been together for many years just normally hang out and say that the day is simply just a holiday, and not do much. Sophomore, Kaitlyn Nguyen, and her boyfriend, Drew Alexander, have been together for many years. Nguyen sees herself and Alexander as a couple that will stay together, or be at least friends forever. Nguyen thinks that couples do not need a day to show how much they care about their significant other.

“I think that if you truly love someone, you should not have a day to tell them that you love them. I am in a happy relationship with a person that I can see myself in the future with, and I do not have to show how much he means to me,” Nguyen said.

Katie Nguyen
Couples that have been dating for a while offer up their best advice on love.

Kids in high school think that the person they are with, is the person that they will get married too. High school relationships can last a short time period or a long time period, depending on the couple and how much work they are wanting to put into the relationship to keep it going. According to the website Eharmony, ways to stay in a long relationship is making time for one another and communicating. Communication is important for any relationship, because it can determine the amount of trust you have in one another. Making time for each other to hang out and go on dates is also a way for you and your significant other to trust each other and understand each other better. Sophomore, Victoria Estrada, is no longer in a relationship. The reason for this is because of the lack of communication and being able to trust each other.

“I think the main reason why my relationship ended was because we were not communicating anymore as a couple. We did not trust each other much anymore because we were not communicating what we were feeling,” Estrada said.

When couples first get together, they can be clingy and overly attached. After the relationship progresses, the couple slowly drifts away from each other and both are happy that they can have their own private time away from their significant other. Long term couples enjoy being around each other, but also like having their own time to focus on themselves. Much like communication, having time away from your significant other can also benefit, because short breaks from each other builds up trust within the relationship. Time spent with family and friends other than their partner can benefit the social life of others. Sophomore, Erin Shinkle, is currently in a relationship, and thinks that the reason why they are happy together is because of their communication and time spent apart.

“Communication is a powerful thing for relationships. If you need time apart from each other, then by communicating, you can get that time alone. Spending time alone can better yourself and your partner, because it shows that you are not dependent on someone while in a relationship,” Shinkle said.

Planning a long future with your partner is through having good communication and trust. Communicating with each other can benefit, because you can have time alone. High school is not about having a relationship, but having a good relationship that you know will last long, is through communicating and trust.