Worth It

Natalie Mitchell, ENN Staff

“Because I am worth it,” is the motto that makeup brand, L’Oréal Paris, uses so that their consumers feel ‘worth it’ in the products they use. The company’s motto pushes the idea that customers  should have self confidence within themselves. Makeup allows people to feel good and be unique with the looks that they can create. Feeling unique in the way you look helps you feel confident and comfortable with the way that you carry yourself. Feeling good about what you look like can improve self-confidence. Freshman, Reagan Morrow, thinks that having self-confidence in yourself can show others how you carry yourself and that you feel good about yourself.

“I think that having self-confidence shows other people that you feel good. Being worth it can mean a lot of things, but self-confidence can help you feel worth it,” Morrow said.

Having self-confidence is a way for people to feel validated. Feeling validated means that you accept others’ thoughts and recognition when  they compliment you on a certain task. Being self-confident makes others feel validated because they know their self worth and have good self-esteem. People can feel validated in many ways. Having positive self-talk with yourself can help improve your self-esteem and validation. Your level of self-esteem can affect how you are as a person, because others can see when you have little or no self-esteem. It can be hard when others are constantly analyzing your levels of self-confidence, but by talking positively with yourself, feelings of self-worth and validation can be improved. Sophomore, Brianna Packer, positively talks to others to help them feel better about themselves and to help improve their self-confidence.

“Talking positively to others helps with self-esteem, because by hearing it from someone else, it reminds them of their self-worth and they can start to feel good about themselves,” Parker said.

Feeling good in something that you do may also help with your self-confidence. It is a way for people to overall feel better about themselves, what they look like, and to feel better about how people see them like. Dressing up in clothes that you would not typically wear to school or getting up every morning to do your hair and makeup can help you feel good during the day, because you know that you took the time that morning to get up and make yourself feel good with what you look like. When others notice that you put in the work that morning, they say something, so you feel reassured and more validated.

Although having someone tell you that you look good allows some people to feel good, others do not need that validation in order to feel good about themselves. Studying hard for a test, and then passing the test can help people feel good, because they know that by studying, they can get a good grade and feel good. Many things that you do can make you feel good about yourself, because you know that whatever you did, it will pay off. Sophomore, Isabella Daniels, feels good after she studies for tests, and it pays off when she passes. Daniels feels good knowing that with the hard work she put into studying, it will all work out in the end to get a good grade.

“I used to not really study, and it showed, because I would not do very good on tests, but whenever I would study, I would do great on my tests, and I would feel good, because I know that my hard work and studying paid off,” said Daniels.

Having self-worth and self-confidence in yourself improves how you feel about yourself and feel validated. Dressing nice or studying helps some feel good, but anything can help people feel good.