Save With Stories

Natalie Mitchell, ENN Staff

Families across the world are trying hard to keep their young children busy, while also continuing with their education. Many social platforms, such as Instagram, are having live discussions, so children can learn new things. Charity organizations such as, Save The Children and No Kid Hungry, started a new way for young children to listen to stories when parents are unable to read to their children. This new charity is called Save With Stories, and it is an Instagram account where many of the world’s favorite celebrities can read Scholastic children’s books. The organization started this Instagram account to raise money for the families who have children that rely on schools to provide food and daily meals. The money that is donated through this charity can provide food for children who are reliant on the schools to provide. Although many people in the community have not heard of this organization, they are still uploading new posts of celebrities reading every few hours. Sophomore, Haley Hudson, had never heard about the charity account, but thinks it is a great idea.

“The charity is a good idea because it allows celebrities to give back to their fans by just reading a book. It is a good idea that I think should continue going on even after the virus is over,” Hudson said.

The celebrities that read these children’s books for kids come from different mediums, such as music, television, and movies. Celebrities like Camila Cabello, Abigail Spencer, and Winnie Harlow are a handful of the celebrities who are involved in the different arts. Save With Stories tries to get many different celebrities, ranging in careers to ages, to read children’s stories, so that children can keep a smile on their faces while listening to their favorite books. These celebrities read the books from their homes with no make-up or hair done, so they look like normal people while reading to children. It allows children to feel important knowing that someone took time out of their day to read a story. Many celebrities also have their animals and children, or even dress up in a funny manner for the videos, in order to bring a light-hearted attitude while reading. These stories are more aimed towards the elementary school children, but anyone can listen and enjoy what is being read. Sophomore, Isabella Rios, believes that this charity benefits both the children and celebrities in different ways.

“It definitely benefits the children. Knowing that a celebrity loves to read will help encourage many other kids to read. The kids also get a feeling of importance and joy knowing a celebrity cares enough to read to them. The celebrity boosts their social status, and it may help them be happy knowing they are brightening other’s days,” Rios said.

The founders of Save With Stories understand that not all children use English as their first language, so they have celebrities who can speak different languages join the live discussions and read different books for the children whose primary language may not be English. Celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Camila Cabello, Henry Lau, and Eliza Gonzalez are some celebrities who read some stories in their native language, such as Spanish and Chinese Mandarin. This is beneficial because even the children who can only understand English are able to listen and also learn a new language. Parents who have children that do not typically speak English, find these stories helpful because their children are given different opportunities to work on their English outside of school. Children who tune into these daily story-times can follow along with these stories with their own books in their lap, in order to help learn how to read. Sophomore, Ericka Solis, thinks that by reading other languages, it is helpful for everyone.

“By reading in just English, it does not benefit the kids who cannot speak it or do not really understand it, so by reading in their language, they can understand and also enjoy the platform that they have,” Solis said.

Save With Stories is a charity that helps raise money for children who live in poorer communities and who ate off the meals at schools. The charity has many different celebrities read children’s books in English and in other languages, so all children can enjoy it. It is beneficial to the children, because they have someone looking out for them, and is a good way for the community to give back.