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Nour Karajeh, junior, has plans to enter into the medical field following her senior year.

Nour Karajeh: A Dream Ever so Close

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff May 13, 2021

A pencil glides gently within the confines of a notebook, gracing pages with a smooth, velvety silver. The hand of the writer floats rhythmically with each line being drafted, for these very words mark...

Amidst a global pandemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed in order to control the spread of Covid-19.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff May 3, 2021

On March 12, 2020, the Olympic torch was ignited near the Temple of Hera at the remains of Ancient Olympia in Greece. The symbolic flame was then transported via airplane to Japan for the historic torch...

Marisa Bonner, Family Consumer Sciences teacher, works to improve mental health education and resources through her position at the Crisis Text Line.

Marisa Bonner: Altering the Mindset

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff April 23, 2021

As defined by the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively...

Logan Betterncourt, junior, plays on Lake Ridges Varsity Golf team and is on his way to the Regional tournament.

Logan Bettencourt: Pushing the Boundaries

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff April 13, 2021

Inhaling the crisp scent of a freshly manicured lawn, junior Logan Bettencourt approaches the tee box under a blanket of anticipating gazes. The golf ball awaiting flight remains nestled between blades...

NASA recently launched Mars Perseverance in hopes to gain further knowledge about the planet.

Perseverance on Mars

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff April 1, 2021

Peering through the quartz glass windows of their school, a student views vast rows of houses situated before towering mountains. The sky is smeared with wisps of clouds, except the horizon is tinted ruby...

Genetic engineering is the editing and recombination of DNA for various biological purposes.

Tinkering with the Building Blocks of Life

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff March 22, 2021

40,000 times slimmer than a human hair, one critical molecule is responsible for all life on earth: DNA. More formally referred to as deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA is a biomolecule consisting of nitrogenous...

Februarys winter storm has caused many to worry about the affects of climate change.

Climate Change: Now or Never

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff March 1, 2021

5,000 years from today, the world map recognized by many individuals might have to undergo replacement by a different work of cartography. A majority of the seven continents may relievingly retain their...

Valentines Day has become a tradition for people to express love to each other, however it had an auspicious beginning.

Valentine’s Day: A Mysterious Evolution

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff February 23, 2021

Valentine’s Day has thrived as a widely-recognized holiday throughout the world beginning in 496 A.D. Through the progression of time, though, the annual holiday has undergone notable revisions that...

Valeria Delgado, Algebra teacher, experiences her first year teaching at Lake Ridge this school year.

Valeria Delgado: From Student to Teacher

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff February 5, 2021

As her dry-erase marker dances across the white board, Valeria Delgado, Algebra 1 teacher, can’t help but muster a proud smile as her students attentively engage in the lesson. With a clarity greater...

The Lake Ridge Cheer Team recently participated at their UIL event.

A Competitive Spirit

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff January 28, 2021

As they peered around the corridor that led to a gallant stage, the Lake Ridge cheerleaders anxiously exchanged last-minute words of encouragement that preceded a hard-earned performance. On Thursday,...

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