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Arnold Overcoming Adversities

Mr. Cody Arnold addresses his English class. Sharing his high school struggles make him more endearing to his students.

Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff

November 8, 2019

Underneath the facade of a strong person lies a vulnerability. Vulnerability to hurtful comments, snarky looks, and disrespectful insults. Amongst the students and faculty members, there is one teacher who lives, laughs, and teaches shamelessly without forgetting who they are. From being fat shamed...

“We Live in a Society”

The Joker Film was released on October 4th. Courtesy of Google Images.

Connor Thompson, ENN Staff

October 29, 2019

Mental Illness has long been a difficult subject for many as evidenced by the creation of Mental Illness Awareness Week, from October 6th to October 12th, to raise awareness about this seldom discussed issue. The timely issue of Mental Illness, however, was also accompanied by the release of the critically...

Learning About the Language Lover

Learning About the Language Lover

Ethan Vu, ENN Staff

October 7, 2019

¡Buenos días! 여보세요! क्या हाल है? This is how you say 'Good morning!' 'Hello!' and 'How are you?' in Spanish, Korean, and Punjabi. These are also just a few of the languages Spanish teacher, Melissa Mohler, is fluent in. At Lake Ridge students are required to select a for...

Restriction of Freedom: Banned Books

While other districts have banned controversial books, students in MISD have many options as to what they are permitted to read.

Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff

May 14, 2019

While reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, students' eyes are constantly roaming over the derogatory n-word. While the book did have a positive motive of addressing the prejudice against African Americans and encouraging societal change during that time period, it is banned in school district...

Anti-Vax Face the Facts

Myths about the MMR vaccine vary widely, claiming they cause Autism and other disorders. Despite studies disproving this myth, some American's distrust

Connor Thompson, ENN Staff

April 9, 2019

Every day, your body fights to keep you alive. Around every corner, there is a chance of somebody coughing or sneezing - sending hundreds of thousands of microorganisms flying at 100 miles per hour towards you. The human body has adapted over centuries to protect yourself from these tiny creatures, and...

No College After High School

A student is confused about which subject to choose in school.

Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff

April 3, 2019

It is commonly expected that high school graduates attend college or university the fall after their graduation, however, that does not always have to be the case. Often times as students graduate high school they are relieved after enduring so many years of education that they are ready for a break. After...

Let’s Start Snap-CHATTING

Let’s Start Snap-CHATTING

Margo Eugenio, ENN Staff

March 28, 2019

With today’s media swamped with controversies ranging from gun violence and gun control to climate change and global warming, many opinions fly around regarding the contentious topics. While many said opinions are formed and publicized by adults, a growing number of the opinions are being put out by...

Welcome Back to the Vlog!

Welcome Back to the Vlog!

Margo Eugenio, ENN Staff

March 1, 2019

"Hello everyone and welcome back to the vlog!" People across the globe live their lives in front of a camera in hopes of becoming ‘YouTube famous.’ If you are of the select few that are lucky enough to become popular on the platform, you can look forward to the money you make from sponsored videos,...

Much ‘Moore’ to Come

Photo Credit: Jasmine Moore

Margo Eugenio, ENN Staff

February 1, 2019

As the announcer yells out for the next jumper, Jasmine Moore stares down the strip at the pit. She leans back, exhales, and takes off sprinting. Moore bounds to the line and jumps farther into the sand-filled pit than any other competitor; winning yet another state championship title. The 7-time state...

The Jack of All Trades

Photo Credit: Emily Rosales

Obehi Omoaghe, ENN Staff

January 30, 2019

For someone who did not show interest in being a teacher when he was younger, teaching three different subjects marks a significant change in his passion for teaching. Brandon Austin, AP European History teacher, sponsors some of the most demanding clubs and organizations at Lake Ridge. While giving...

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