Freeman the Foodie


Ishrat Madiha

Pieces of buttery, juicy, garlic steak sit on a plate in front of junior Madison Freeman as she takes in its hearty aroma. Beside that sits a tall drink and many, many napkins because Freeman is not afraid to enjoy her steak to the fullest. She is at her all time favorite restaurant, Texas de Brazil, where she can enjoy her best-loved foods at a long buffet. 

Freeman is a 17 year old teenager who loves to venture out with her food choices and doesn’t say no to a hearty meal. She loves cuisines from all places and countries. Although Freeman has lived in Texas most of her life, she has discovered many places over the years to get a diverse food experience from the comfort of her own state. 

Throughout the years Freeman has nailed down some specific restaurants she loves, like, of course, Texas De Brazil for Brazilian meat, but also Peking Dragon for Chinese and Sams Pizza for more American style foods. Brazilian steak, flank stanks, and leg of lamb are only a few of the culturally diverse dishes Freeman loves. Besides the Brazilian menu, she loves to try Asian, African, and variants of American food.

 “I’ll pretty much eat anything, especially foods from different cultures. I’m really only picky with stuff I know I won’t like because I’ve had it before,” says Freeman. 

Living among a family of 4 doesn’t affect Freemans food journey; in fact it enhances it. She and her family love to try new foods and even attempt cooking diverse meals every once in a while. One of Freeman and her family’s favorite dishes are soul foods, which they both order at restaurants frequently and cook at home. Soul food is traditional southern African food but more commonly known as meals that originated from generations of slavery and is made into a delicious meal with food scraps. In Freeman’s household soul food is a holiday staple. 

“Growing up we typically ate fast food but for Thanksgiving and Christmas my mom, dad, grandma, and great aunts usually came together to cook. Also, my Menana and Papa on my dad’s side cook every time we see them. They live in Oklahoma so when we go up there or they come down, usually twice a year, we always eat good,” says Freeman. 

Another family favorite in the Freeman household is Asian food, specifically Indian. They frequent their favorite Indian owned businesses to get a taste of Chicken Tikka Masala and Indian basmati rice. Although for first-timers Indian food is known to be quite spicy, Freeman is working on growing her spice tolerance to suit the satisfaction of having her favorite mouth-watering Indian food. 

“I love spicy foods but my body doesn’t. So I can eat them, I just have to have a lot of water to go with it. Usually I get it and eat another part the next day if it’s too spicy,” Freeman says. 

Although Freeman does love trying new foods with her family, she also loves finding new restaurants after a long day of thrifting with her closest friends, Lexi, Pam, and Skylar. Even though she is an indoor person, Freeman says she has the most fun when she’s outdoors with her friends, goofing around and having comfort foods.

“I usually go with family and friends and me and my friends faves are Zero Degrees and more American places like IHOP and me and my family go to more diverse places,” says Freeman. 

No matter where she is or who Freeman is with, she can always manage to sniff out the best foods and enjoy to her fullest. People have different love languages– art, music, dance– but Madison Freeman’s is definitely food.