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Ishrat Madiha

Ishrat Madiha, ENN Staff

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MISD has programs in place to limit the amount of food waste they must discard at the end of the day.

Watching the Waste

November 1, 2022

Black styrofoam trays thump onto linoleum cafeteria tables as students get ready to dive into their lunch. This is a typical scene throughout almost any American school. Students wait in line, get their...

Novelist Petter Heller visited the Lake Ridge Library to discuss his latest book, The Guide.

Peter Heller: A Novelist, River Guide, and Caffeine Addict

November 1, 2022

Canoeing on water crashing against river banks as deep as they are long, drinking dark coffee while penning great American novels, and telling the world what’s going on through journalism: that is only...

Women have made strides in terms of equality, but still arent as equal in some areas.

Girls in 2022: Has Society Changed?

September 21, 2022

Titles to articles like “How to Stay Safe in College as a Girl,” “A Safety and Security Guide for Women,” and “What Girls Need to Know About Sex Trafficking Schemes” pop up on almost any social...

Students and Teachers throughout MISD have had to adjust their methods as MISD recovers from a cyberattack.

No Signal; MISD gets Hacked

September 2, 2022

Mansfield ISD reopened for the school year mid August, welcoming back students, teachers, and staff. Although the summer before was spent in preparation for a smooth year, the district ran into a previously...

Muslim students are faced with the choice of going to school or honoring their faith during Eid.

An Eid Dilemma

May 1, 2022

Ramadan is the highlight of the year for many Muslims, taking up 30 days of the Islamic calendar and ending with a large celebration called Eid. This holy month falls at different times each year and dates...

Teenagers now have more access to technology and resources which explains why they are so different from teens from just a few years ago.

Teens Now vs. Then

March 31, 2022

The Backstreet Boys have been replaced by Maroon 5, glass soda bottles by metal coke cans, and ‘America’s Got Talent’ by ‘Lip Sync Battle.’ These are just a few of the minor differences between...

Young black women face an uphill climb when trying to surpass the stereotypes society has used to suppress them throughout history.

Changing the Narrative for Young Black Women

March 2, 2022

Despite the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Sojourner Truth, racism is still a common sight all around the world, in nearly every country and every society. At the crux of this incessant...

With more studies taking place, diagnosing ADHD in students has changed.

ADHD, Not a Personality Quirk!

February 8, 2022

Often, teens grow up seeing particular traits in them that they don’t associate with the ‘normal’ way a person is supposed to act. They experience things like executive dysfunction, hyperactivity,...

English 4 and Creative Writing teacher, George Olsen, takes a different approach to teaching.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

January 28, 2022

Toxic positivity: some would say it’s a confusing juxtaposition, others might say it’s a harsh truth in the work environment. The term, as defined by University of Washington Medicine, means ‘dismissing...

Seasonal Depression: A Christmas Nightmare

Seasonal Depression: A Christmas Nightmare

December 9, 2021

Christmas: one word, a thousand different images. A word that prompts a vision in peoples head. A word that introduces a new but familiar world through the sound of ornaments clanking together as they...

Exchange Students at Lake Ridge

Exchange Students at Lake Ridge

November 16, 2021

Lake Ridge’s diversity is not unheard of but adding to that variety in cultures is exchange students. These students bring little parts of the world right here, to this school. Exchange students schooling...

Mrs. Perfectly Fines Not-So-Perfect Musical Journey

Mrs. Perfectly Fines Not-So-Perfect Musical Journey

October 13, 2021

Pop culture has taken the world by storm and it would not be surprising to many if the world was soon known as Pre-Taylor Swift and Post-Taylor Swift. The music industry has certainly been changed by this...

One of the PSAT Prep programs are being held at the Performing Arts Center.

Students Prepare for the PSAT

September 29, 2021

The air is getting crisper, skeleton decor is popping up in front of houses, and many high school students are preparing for the one other thing that fall is bound to bring with it: the Preliminary Scholastic...

Freeman the Foodie

Freeman the Foodie

May 17, 2021

Pieces of buttery, juicy, garlic steak sit on a plate in front of junior Madison Freeman as she takes in its hearty aroma. Beside that sits a tall drink and many, many napkins because Freeman is not afraid...

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera has grown in popularity since garnering attention on social media platform, Tik Tok.

The Necessary Books to Read for Summer 2021

April 23, 2021

Technology has become an aspect of every teen’s life in at least the past decade, but with Covid-19 making an appearance, reading is becoming more common. This has to do with, of course, the free time...

Students and teachers received an unexpected break due to the severity of the snow storm.

Snowstorm Solace

March 1, 2021

Known for its humid summers and mild winters, Texas has surprised everyone with the snowstorm that recently took place. What was expected to be one to two days of thorough snowfall, turned out to be a...

Junior, Noah Obuya became District 39S Lieutenant Governor representing Lake Ridge as well as several other area high schools.

Lieutenant Obuya

February 5, 2021

For some, high school is about an experience. For others, it's about graduating with the hopes of doing something momentous in life. For 16 year old Noah Obuya, it's both. Obuya is a junior, and despite...

With students not being able to return to school, many have found Netflix as a good way to pass their time.

Netflix Updates

January 29, 2021

With all that has been happening these past few months many people are stuck at home more often than not and Netflix has become their closest companion. With some shows and movies becoming extremely popular...

Fans of the Netflix show Bridgerton are hoping for another season of the hit show.

The Bridgerton Bonanza

January 20, 2021

Quarantine has certainly been a gloomy time for many people but Bridgerton fans are having the times of their lives. These admirers are swearing up and down that it is the absolute best show, and the fanbase...

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