The Bridgerton Bonanza


Olivia Wurtz

Fans of the Netflix show Bridgerton are hoping for another season of the hit show.

Ishrat Madiha, Editor in Chief - Newspaper

Quarantine has certainly been a gloomy time for many people but Bridgerton fans are having the times of their lives. These admirers are swearing up and down that it is the absolute best show, and the fanbase is growing rapidly with over 63 million viewers already, according to CNBC.

Set in the Regency Era of London, the Netflix show is based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn that revolve around the love lives of the 8 Bridgerton siblings. While only one sibling is starred in each book, the show focuses mostly on Daphne Bridgerton’s story but includes her sibling’s lives as well. The show includes Daphne’s unexpected true love, Anthony Bridgerton’s dilemma with liking a girl of a lower social status, Benedict Bridgerton’s newfound talent that leads him to find love and so much more.

The show has become quite popular through various premieres and social media but TikTok alone has helped it garner a lot of steam. The official Bridgerton hashtag has drawn many curious people to look more into the show along with the growing fanbase that create entertaining content. Some post their favorite scenes, some obsess over the tall and broody Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett, and some recreate iconic moments which may or may not include a man getting punched by a very dainty, elegant lady. From impressions to reactions to Bridgerton clothing hauls, TikTok has it all. 

“I think I’ve seen like 30 Bridgerton TikToks just today. Every other time I scroll I see one and honestly most of them are hilarious because most of them are of Simon since everyone, including me, is literally obsessed with him, but yeah, most of the TikToks are about Simon and Daphne and Penelope, and I’ve seen alot where people use Bridgerton sounds and dress up like them,” says Giordana Calderin.

Speaking of clothes, girls and boys are rushing to order and re-create Bridgerton outfits. The show certainly has an eye-catching wardrobe that gives fans one more reason to love it. Girls of all ages are obsessing over the flowy gowns and silk silhouettes that Daphne Bridgerton, the main character of season one, flaunts as she makes her way around numerous balls during Debutante season. While the feminine side of the Bridgerton wardrobe fandom holds the attention of the ladies, boys are willing to try the multiple layers of vests and coats the Duke of Hastings, Daphne’s love interest, sports. People like freshman Esther Adegoke are looking forward to purchasing and trying out the unique yet elegant clothing styles.

“I just think the clothes are amazing, I mean how do they breathe in those? Especially Daphne in her corset, I mean I would definitely try corsets and the gowns. It just amazes me because they look so tight and they wear so many layers but they walk around so normally in them, I think it’s really cool,” says Adegoke.

Along with the clothing, other things have drawn people to Bridgerton. Viewers find the setting aesthetically pleasing and enjoy the Regency Era aspect of it. The show includes almost everything someone would expect in a show set in 1800s London, from elegant teacups embroidered with gold and silver to horse-drawn carriages taking the duchess and duke from one ball to another. Viewers find themselves snuggling deeper into their blankets as the screen shows Daphne running through mazes built of luscious green bushes and surrounded by eloquent stone statues. 

The view isn’t the only thing stuck in the heads of Bridgerton fans, though. The soundtrack of the show is permanently etched into their brains, some fans say. Bridgerton’s soundtrack consists of classical versions of modern hits that are quite popular themselves. Songs like ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish, ‘Thank You, Next’ by Ariana Grande, and ‘Girls Like You’ by Maroon 5 make an appearance on the first few episodes and lure in the younger audience who are quite surprised of the present-day music running in the background of dramatic arguments and chandelier balls. Freshman Abigail Grape is one of the many younger viewers who was astonished by the instrumental covers.

“While I was watching I was humming along with the tune and I didn’t even realize it was actually ‘Girls Like You.’ I was so surprised cause, I mean, it’s like a show from when there weren’t even cars so I thought it was gonna be piano music and violins like the other old shows I watched. I feel like this actually did make me like the show more,” says Grape.

Bridgerton fans had only 8 episodes, but between the strong-headed characters, eye-catching fashion, and wonderful music, they had very little chance at not loving it. Although it is currently only one season, fans are eagerly waiting for a second one.