Lieutenant Obuya


Christine Vo

Junior, Noah Obuya became District 39S Lieutenant Governor representing Lake Ridge as well as several other area high schools.

Ishrat Madiha, Editor in Chief - Newspaper

For some, high school is about an experience. For others, it’s about graduating with the hopes of doing something momentous in life. For 16 year old Noah Obuya, it’s both.

Obuya is a junior, and despite being only three years into high school, has accomplished a unique achievement. Obuya is now the Lieutenant Governor of Key Club District 39 South.

His childhood, family, and friends have inevitably put Obuya on the path he is now. This job is more than just a mouthful, it is an open door for many future opportunities. Through this Obuya is gaining a lot of experience that he wouldn’t have otherwise. Starting in mid-April he will be in charge of 11 high school clubs including those of Lake Ridge, Legacy, Timberview, Frontier, Mansfield, Summit, Juan Seguin, Uplift Summit, Kennedale, James Bowie and Venus High School. 

“I lead monthly District Conventional Meetings (DCM’s), where I transfer information from the District Board to the clubs I lead. I also lead President Conventional Meetings where I meet with all the presidents of those individual clubs and advise them on what their club can do to improve as well as tell them any important information they need to be made aware of. Along with that I produce monthly newsletters, hold regional officer training, promote club growth and earn a minimum of 50 service hours,” says Obuya. 

This wasn’t an easy journey for Obuya, it was 3 years worth of hard work and dedication. His first step was taken freshman year when he joined Key Club because of a friend’s recommendation and after that things slowly fell into place. Obuya went from Freshman Representative to Webmaster and now to Lieutenant Governor. Although this is a job that requires extra commitment and intelligence, Obuya feels like he can take the pressure and excel. 

“The role makes me feel like I have to up my game in a way. I felt like people were starting to depend on me and that there wasn’t really room for any mistakes. When I learned that I first ‘got the job’ I was, of course, ecstatic that I would be able to represent my club in a higher position and be the first Lieutenant Governor from Lake Ridge. Yet still, there’s that imminent, looming fact that I will have to represent this district and yes, it’s scary, but I think I’m ready for the challenge,” Obuya says. 

Obuya is grateful that he spent his first few high school years working towards a bigger goal. He believes that this leadership has opened the doors to many opportunities for him. Obuya sees this as an experience that will lead him to his future career. 

“Not saying that I’ll be famous or that I’m going to be the next Einstein, because I don’t think I’d want to be any of those things anyway. But what I do believe is that this puts me in a place where I have to do better for myself and do away with some bad habits I have now. That self-motivation kicks back in and pushes me to do better. I hope to gain new experiences, meet new people, form many relationships and impact as many as I can, in a constructive way,” says Obuya. 

Obuya claims his life and childhood leading up to where he is right now was average. He wasn’t particularly gifted in elementary, intermediate, or middle school and like many other students his main goal at the time was to get work done and achieve acceptable grades with the help of his parents encouragement. While he was never eager to do school work, he was quite good at motivating himself and setting goals. 

“I would always strive to aim for better than what I had done before. It wasn’t competing with anybody, although I am competitive now. It was just the intrinsic motivation to constantly do better and be better. Although in high school, I did put in a lot of effort because of the stress that society puts on doing well in these years because of getting into college and getting scholarship money and comparing yourself to others,” Obuya said.

Self-motivation was one of the few things that pushed Obuya toward the position he is in today. His friends have been an inspiration to him since day 1, and have since then affected his journey in more ways than one. Starting from providing relaxation to supporting him in every step of the way, Obuya’s friends have been a big part of his life.

“My friends have been there as support whenever I felt as if the stress was too much or whenever I needed that escape. They’re always there for a nice chuckle. Not only that but they serve as inspiration for me as well. Seeing all the great things they do and everything they strive to be and accomplish pushes me to do my best and reach my highest heights. It’s made an enormous difference having great friends in my life, first and foremost as company, second as those who will advise me and help me with any issues I face and last, those who will push me to do better even when they don’t know they are,” says Obuya.

Although many would be amazed, Obuya believes he is just a normal teen. He has lived in Texas his whole life, only once moving from Grand Prairie to Mansfield in 2016. He lives with his parents who are both in the medical field, and his 9 year old sister. He spends his time like any average high schooler: on his phone, but he does have a gardening hobby. Obuya is extremely passionate about his indoor plants, and loves spending his free time tending to them.

“They are my pride and joy and I spend a significant amount of time taking care of them, watering them, fertilizing them, pruning them, moving them around for the best area of light for them and more.This actually serves as a getaway from the stuff I do at school. The first plant I bought, my Chinese Evergreen, was actually a product of a really stressful week in my life. I was worried about the PSAT, had 3 tests in my hardest classes in the same week, a project due and no time to do it all. I woke up the Sunday of that week stressed and with some pent up anxiety. So after being inspired by one of my friends, Kaley, I decided to go out and get a plant. I thought it would help release stress and it would be a getaway hobby, and that it was,” says Obuya. 

Noah Obuya certainly has quite the life. His story is an inspiration to work hard and shows that the smallest efforts will one day pay off and lead to a better place.