Take a Look What’s in a Book

Nour Karajeh, ENN staff

The ability to buy a new book and put it on a shelf, enjoying both the feel and smell of it. Being able to read it and immerse oneself into the story, feeling the emotions of the characters. Being able to go on journeys and even learn the same lessons as the characters are all reasons that make reading so enjoyable to the millions of readers around the world. 

Over time, reading has gotten a lot more popular than it has been over the years. People have begun to expose themselves to the world of reading for many reasons. Junior, Mackenzie Boggess, got into reading because she wanted a new way to feel entertained. 

“What pushed me to get into reading was probably the lack of interesting things on TV. I got tired of watching shows with the same plot, so I began to expose myself to reading books,” stated Boggess.

There are various ways someone can get into reading. Although there are people who became interested through its sudden popularity on social media, there are people who grew up reading and managed to keep their interest as they got older. AP Language teacher, Lisa Cole, was one of the people who grew interested in reading due to her childhood. 

“My parents were big readers, especially my father. We would go to the library a lot and he always told me that no matter what you want to do in life, reading will make you smarter regardless of what you want to do,” stated Cole. 

For those who enjoy reading, they believe it can benefit them in many ways. An example of someone like this is junior, Isabella Cortez, enjoys spending a lot of time reading because it benefits her. 

“When I’m not busy I usually spend a lot of my time reading. To me it’s a good thing because I feel like it makes me smarter. I really do enjoy it because it’s an escape from reality,” stated Cortez. 

Out of the trillions of books around the world, they all fit into some type of genre that winds up pulling readers towards it. One’s favorite genres really do help them enjoy what they’re reading a lot more than simply reading a book they have no knowledge of. Cole has about four favorite genres, non-fiction being one of them. 

“I love non-fiction, more so because I’m teaching AP language. I didn’t really read a lot of non-fiction but I do enjoy it a lot now. I also love romance, thriller and suspense a lot,” stated Cole.  

However, the consequences that come with enjoying books is the price. Books can be expensive, but that doesn’t stop people from buying them. Boggess can personally relate to this. She enjoys spending her money on books because finishing a book makes her feel accomplished. 

“I unfortunately do spend a lot of money on books. I probably spend about $150 a month, but to be fair it’s so that I can do something I can enjoy. I always feel so happy and accomplished when I finish a book,” stated Boggess. 

A factor that plays into the popularity of reading is a side of TikTok, BookTok. BookTok is a place in which people can share information about books and even recommend some. With people promoting reading through TikTok, reading has definitely gained more attention. Cortez likes the opportunity this social media app can provide. 

“Booktok did have a bit of an influence on reading because TikTok is popular. It’s a good opportunity for people to read books and for the internet to all read the same books and talk about it. It’s all so cool,” stated Cortez. 

As reading gains more popularity, many people will find both their minds and imaginations opened to a new world.