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We Lift Bro!

We Lift Bro!

March 10, 2022
Courtesy of Yearbook

VASE: The Preparations

January 25, 2022
Clubs at Lake Ridge

Clubs at Lake Ridge

December 9, 2021
LR on Lockdown

LR on Lockdown

November 5, 2021
Sarah Cole, senior, suffered burst pipes and loss of power throughout the forced-break.

Students vs the Snow

March 11, 2021
Wilson has grown to appreciate her familys traditions as she has grown older.

Family Traditions

December 10, 2020
Tik Tok influencer, Tony Lopez, is among a club of celebrities and influencers who have been cancelled for events and mistakes made in their past.

Cancel Culture

November 13, 2020
2020-2021 Seniors are beginning the application process for further education.

College Applications

October 9, 2020
Looking down on Stacy Baileys Art students is a portrait of the notorious Supreme Court Justice.

Notorious RBG

September 28, 2020
In the age of COVID-19, the theater department is needing to make some new adjustments.

Theatre Meets Covid-19

September 16, 2020
During quarantine, students have had to find alternative methods to celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan is Here

May 1, 2020
Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has declared the official end to the 2019-2020 school year.

An Early End

April 24, 2020
During this quarantine, many different trends have started to gain popularity.

Quarantine Trends

April 19, 2020
Due to some tragic circumstances, both teachers and students have had to learn to cope with grief this year.

Life and Loss

February 21, 2020
Valentines Day is the day couples celebrate their love. But how do single people handle the day?

All The Single Ladies

February 7, 2020
What Could Happen

What Could Happen

January 17, 2020
Sentimental Christmas

Sentimental Christmas

December 12, 2019
Students this year do not have the opportunity to join the Anime club.

The Last of Anime Club

November 8, 2019


November 4, 2019
Photo Credit: Lecity Omagbon

An Apple a Day

March 5, 2019
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