All The Single Ladies


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Valentines Day is the day couples celebrate their love. But how do single people handle the day?

Giant teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, and romantic dates are all components of Valentine’s Day. Almost every couple takes their sweet time to enjoy the holiday of love, leaving single people to wonder where their love is. 

As the season of love rolls around, a lot of couples use it as a time to spoil and show just how much they love each other. To a majority of single people, the thought that’s jumping out most in their mind is why they don’t have a relationship. Freshman, Samaa Elhashash, wants at least one attempt at a relationship on the iconic day of love. 

“I would like to be in a relationship at least once on Valentine’s Day. I want to have someone bring me stuff and make me feel loved. It’d be nice to feel love from someone that’s not your friends or family,” said Elhashash. 

While there are a lot of single people who wish to be in a relationship, there are some that just don’t really care about the holiday all together. Although they could want a relationship, seeing couples around them doesn’t have an influence on them. Junior, Tareq Dalgamoni, doesn’t feel any different about Valentine’s Day. 

“I don’t really care for Valentine’s Day. Seeing other couples just makes me feel normal and there’s no point in putting so much effort into one day. The one thing I don’t like about Valentine’s Day is fake love because so many people are only together for that day and just don’t care the rest of the year,” said Dalgamoni. 

The routine of a single person and the routine of a couple on Valentine’s Day tends to be very different. Since they don’t have partners, the casual stereotype is that they go home and just waste their nights away crying about not having someone to love them. Sophomore, Safaa Elhasash, uses her Valentine’s Day evenings to spoil herself rather than someone else. 

“Usually on Valentine’s Day, I do face masks and watch a lot of shows that are on Netflix like Grey’s Anatomy and some romantic movies. Besides that, I spend time with my sister and we eat some chocolate and just use the day as an opportunity to get chocolate for lower prices. It’s my day off from actually caring that I’m single,” said Elhashash. 

Couples tend to be a little more attached on Valentine’s Day, but besides the day of love, there are usually couples who enjoy physical affection. In most cases, there are going to be people who feel rather uncomfortable around couples who show too much physical affection in public. Sophomore, Bhavya Gireesh, doesn’t like it when there are couples who display too much physical affection in public.

“Personally, I don’t have any problems with seeing couples on Valentine’s even if I am single. It’s just PDA that I have a problem with. Often times, you’ll see couples who are doing too much in public and to be honest it’s just uncomfortable. I do want a relationship, but I’d rather that things like hugs and kisses were kept in private rather than all up in other peoples faces,” said Gireesh. 

With Valentine’s Day, a lot of couples spoil each other with things like gifts and affection. While they’re doing their own thing, single people are left by themselves. Most of whom, contrary to popular belief, are left unbothered by the idea of being ‘alone’ on Valentine’s Day.