An Apple a Day


Photo Credit: Lecity Omagbon

A bag of chips is almost 300 calories and a can of soda can be up to 39 grams of sugar. These are examples of things people consume almost every day. Although people try to stay away from such fatty foods, they find it difficult, so it definitely has an effect on their health. In large amounts, some people do not believe they will be affected by unhealthy foods so they continue to eat the same way. In the Lake Ridge Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness class, they discuss the effects of unhealthy foods on the human body with a twist, finding healthier ways to cook.

Eating healthy is something considered to be very important to keep the human body in good shape throughout life, but foods such as chips and candy tend to affect people due to the addictive tastes. Ann Guffey, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness teacher, believes that it is okay to eat unhealthily but in variation.

“Not every single thing in your life has to be the healthiest. You don’t have to eat perfectly every single day. It’s about knowing what you’re eating and the effects the food has on your body and making healthier choices that will get you where you want to be,” stated Guffey.

In a healthy diet, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. People have to give up things such as sugars, fats, and carbs. Chaz Bridges, freshman, has decided to give up on a few bad foods while taking the class.

“I decided to give up a few sugars because, in the class, we talked about how sugar can affect our hearts in the future. I personally want to live a happy and healthy life so I thought, why not start now,” stated Bridges.

The class can also help change the health habits of students. It can help them know what type of foods they need to eat. Leena Al Bashiti, sophomore, has started making healthier decisions for her family after spending time in that class.

“I’ve been starting to make healthy breakfasts for my family and a few snacks as well,” stated Al Bashiti.

Some people say that food can bring people together, by sitting at a table and talking. As for the class, Guffey tries to give the classroom a comfortable environment so that students feel connected with those around them. Guffey believes that cooking can get students to talk to someone they don’t see themselves talking to.

“The students, they’re in groups; it’s random how the groups get chosen. I love seeing how food brings the kids together because they will cook and since they’re not allowed to use their device, they can’t go escape to their device, it forces them to have a conversation with someone they may not normally have a conversation with, so you’re learning things about people you never knew,” stated Guffey.

The Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness class is a good class for those who want to eat healthier and live a much healthier lifestyle while learning fun and easy ways to cook. It offers cooking experience and communications.