Sentimental Christmas

Children writing down a long list to Santa Claus about what they want for Christmas. The sound of jingle bells filling the air along with Christmas music blasting in every store. Gifts, family and traditions are a huge part of what makes Christmas, Christmas. The season brings people together and allows them to forget about everything else. The days leading up to Christmas are known as the most stressful. Even with all the stress, people set aside time to enjoy what’s around them. Sophomore, Allison Mcgrath, and her family spend a lot of time together during the season.

“I’m Christian, so we celebrate Advent leading up to Christmas. During that time, we put up our decorations and I get to spend time with my family. On Christmas Eve, we usually go to In n Out and then go home and watch Elf or Home Alone,” said Mcgrath.

Christmas is celebrated in various ways across the world. With different cultures celebrating the holiday comes different traditions and fun that come out of it. Sophomore, Jordana Garcia, takes part in a traditional game that has been passed throughout her culture.

“I am part German, so my family and I play hide the pickle on the tree. So basically we have this tree and then we get this little pickle ornament. The adults hide the pickle on the tree and me, my cousins and siblings have to find out where they placed the pickle. Whoever finds it first gets to open one of their Christmas gifts early,” said Garcia.

Some people have a routine as to how their Christmas days look. It could be dinner parties or just relaxing at home with loved ones. Sophomore, Logan Johnson, likes to make his family a treat for them to eat throughout the day.

“I typically wake up at 3 in the morning and make rice krispie treats for my family and I. Then I just sit on the couch, waiting for everyone else to wake up so we can open our gifts together. The rest of the day, it’s just my family and I on the couch eating and watching movies,” stated Johnson.

There are some people who look forward to Christmas day feasts. Wide ranges of foods and desserts that most people only eat during Christmas time. Sophomore, Owen O’Connor’s, favorite thing about Christmas is the chance to enjoy his favorite dessert.

“My favorite thing about Christmas is getting to eat Key Lime Pie. I know that you can eat it any time of the year, but I just tend to enjoy it more during Christmas. Especially since I tried it a couple years ago on Christmas,” said O’Connor.

Christmas is known as the happiest time of the year. Along with that title comes memories that people share years from when it happened as a jolly old story. Garcia’s favorite memory was a time where almost everyone in her family got together to enjoy.

“My best Christmas memory was about 2 years ago when we went to visit my great grandmother who lives by the lake. We all got to swim in the lake, and it might’ve been a bit too cold but I had a lot of fun with my family,” said Garcia.

With all that happiness does come some bad memories. Over time, those bad memories come to be funny stories, but it isn’t until years later. Mcgrath’s least favorite Christmas memory was a puppy dog who just wanted some attention.

“My worst Christmas memory was back when we first got my dog. We had given her a treat so she would leave us alone while we were opening our gifts. She then bit my hand really hard and I started bleeding,” said Mcgrath.

Christmas is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the season of giving. There might be ups and downs to enjoying the holiday, but overall it brings people closer together.