Seniors React to the Loss of their Year.


Nour Karajeh

While everybody is having to make adjustments during this quarantine, the Class of 2020 seems to be hit the hardest.

With a national quarantine in effect, the traditional in-person schooling has come to a halt. As a result, the seniors’ last year of high school has been drastically altered. From prom, to senior pranks, to graduation, the COVID-19 virus has taken almost complete control of their final year of school.

Before social distancing, most seniors had their future colleges or military plans planned out. Senior, Taylor Nelson, hasn’t chosen a college due in part to the restrictions of social distancing.

“I still don’t know which one yet but I’ll be attending HBCU. Due to social distancing, I haven’t been able to look into more places since they’re mostly shut down. It makes it a bit hard for me,” stated Nelson.

With it being their last year, many seniors were hoping to spend some quality time with the people they grew to care about during their 4 years together. Senior, Chelsey Goines, misses being with the people that made her high school experience worthwhile.

“I miss seeing my friends and my favorite teachers. I also really miss school all together. Now, because of online learning, all I get is the work and I just want to be with the people I have fun with,” stated Goines.

Due to the quarantine, all school related trips were also cancelled. Senior, Jacob Alviso, had a band trip that he was hoping to go on but isn’t going to get the chance.

“After they delayed school for a bit, it cancelled a lot of the things I looked forward to this year. My band trip to Disney got cancelled and that sucks a lot. I was really looking forward to my senior year especially since it’s my last year,” stated Alviso.

To most seniors, the highlights of their final year are prom and graduation. Most aren’t sure if the events will happen or not. Senior, Caleb Castal, is hoping for the best through this challenging time.

“I really hope I’ll at least get to experience it and it not get ruined by quarantine,” stated Castal.

From cancelled trips to postponed events, the class of 2020 will be missing the events that they had planned on talking about for the rest of their lives. However they still remain hopeful for their future.